Indonesian government signs largest blockchain project for healthcare in South Asia

The Indonesian government signed $140 million deal with dClinic to improve the healthcare system using blockchain technology. Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services are advisors for the dClinic for this project. BP Batam hospital, BP Batam and dClinic have signed the deal to provide several projects in Batam. This will include BMB (Batam Medical Blockchain) leveraging dClinic’s Private Healthcare Blockchain to be hosted at the upgraded BP Batam Data Centre.

In the field of Medical Technology and Services, Batam has set a precedent for the whole world. The Indonesian government is planning to create Medical and Digital Economic Zones in Batam. And this deal was the first step to achieve the target. The government there has a plan to expand this technology to the whole country and not just limit it to Batam.

How will it work?

Most clinics and medical facilities follow a traditional one-on-one model of patient-provider interaction. This model does not allow doctors or service provider to check back the healthcare journey of the patient quickly. It requires a significant amount of effort to trace back the history of the patient. But with dClinic and blockchain doctor or service provider can check the healthcare history of the patient in real-time, which would enable them to provide better services.

Director of RSBP Batam, Dr. Sigit Riyarto said that BP Batam has already won many awards for innovation. He also added that they aim to expand Batam Medical Blockchain to the whole of Indonesia. Dr. Edi Pambudi, Deputy Assistant Ministry of Monetary and Balance of Payments, believes that Indonesia is ready to take the role of leadership in digital innovation and blockchain and can show the way to rest of the world.

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