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In-Depth: Can Ethereum Go To Zero?



Ethereum eth price is heading back to below $200, after reaching a short-time high of $217 and reporting at $206.51. A sign of another sell off?

Ethereum is the world’s second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.
Ethereum is loved by crypto exchanges and is listed with most crypto pairs, more than any other coin, but Bitcoin, and as it rocketed up to nearly 1, 400 dollars in the same December period – when Bitcoin reached a peak of more than 20, 000 dollars, it is considered a valuable store.
As Ethereum is fundamentally different in terms of market value than Bitcoin, it is difficult to determine the exact future price.
Ethereum’s co-creator told CNBC that he expects the coin to succeed in 2019, based on the capital of development that is being introduced into the Ethereum ecosystem.


It’s Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Ethereum is performing better than Bitcoin, according to ConsenSys, the Alliance of Ethereum, smart contracts and ICOs.
Even Ethereum has developed with the fastest and most ad-free explorer EnjinX, which would undoubtedly make ETH more accessible to the general market.
Vitalik Buterin talked about the future of Ethereum scaling at his event TechCrunch Sessions Blockchain in Switzerland’s “crypto valley,” saying that the demand for the use of public block chains is high and that stability must be achieved.


ICOs, DApps on the Ethereum Network

The new blockchain units released after network changes do not contradict the old blocks of information and can interact with them in a single mechanism.
Vitalik Buterin’s team had a hard fork to reset the system, pull out smart ICO – related contracts and return the stolen money to depositors.
Ether Zero is an ethereal fork designed to interact with the DApps every day.
The developers began talking about the new Ethereum hard fork date version in December 2017.
Ethereum’s price reached its absolute minimum on 14 June, when the value of a coin fell to 1.91 USD.


Ethereum Classic and Ethereum

Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency created because of disagreement with how the original Ethereum was conducted.
Today, the ETH price is much higher and is generally what is known as the “real” Ethereum in the cryptocurrency community.
As Ethereum becomes more popular, it seems that Ethereum is gaining momentum and price appreciation.
However, as always, cryptocurrencies are a very risky investment and things can change in the blink of an eye ( as evidenced by the huge price decline of Ethereum in 2018 ).

Cryptocurrency writer and market watchman Reed also fix Ethereum as a safer long – term bet than Bitcoin.
Ethereum, on the other hand, has been created with expenditures as almost a rethinking issue, the Ethereum issue is what powers the Ethereum ecosystem, which has a potentially much greater scope than Bitcoin.
Similarly, it is difficult to treat Ethereum as another currency on the market.

The Dao is run by programming code, on a collection of intelligent contracts written on the Ethereum blockchain.
Over the last two years, ICOs has raised billions of dollars on the Ethereum platform, and one of the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies, EOS, is a currency of the ERC20.
Ethereum has recently created a new standard called ERC721 long – term protection for tracking unique digital assets.
Ethereum is based on blockchain technology, where all transactions are to be irreversible and unchangeable.

Joseph Raczynski, founder of, and a key influencer of the blockchain with a Twitter of 153, 000, expects the value of Ethereum to reach USD 1, 200 in the fourth quarter of 2019.
Jeff Reed, the author of cryptocurrency and market observer, points to Ethereum as a more secure long – term bet than Bitcoin.
You can trade anything with Ethereum, but it is not the strength of Ethereum compared to other cryptocurrencies – they can all do so.
You can trade anything with Ethereum, but it is not the strength of Ethereum compared to other cryptocurrencies – they can all do so.


Block Rewards in Ethereum

Ethereum’s block awards are paid in Ether, and such block awards are essential for the liveliness of the network, if the Ether reached 0. 00 hrs, then there would be no miners and no transaction.
In fact, why to spend every asset that could be worth more in the future, Stablecoins ( many of which are built on Ethereum ) solve the problem as users look to spend crypto with a dollar-denominated value.
Ethereum, on the other hand, is likely to have millions of transactions every day, as users interact with a multitude of dapps on the blockchain.

One thing that makes Ethereum very different, however, is the fact that it has more amortized than Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Stellar ( its main counterpart ).
Months ago, Vitalik Buterin assured investors that it was Ethereum’s long – term plan to ensure the scalability of Ethereum by creating a series of PoS.
In particular, on Ethereum, there have been many people like Charles Hoskinson who have invested in the development of the project, who have now started other activities.
Ethereum Classic is and has been the first example of such a gap in the community and developers regarding the future direction and philosophy of the chain.

For example, if bitcoin were a bubble and exploded, investors would also question the viability of Ethereum.
One way would be to engineer the creation of a new crypt that could be used to disrupt and ultimately become obsolete.
Ethereum does not seem to be at a higher risk of disappearing.


ETH Updates: Ethereum 2.0, Louis Vuitton, Chainlink and Price Analysis



Joseph Lunbin recently commented on Ethereum 2.0 stating that we will see Ethereum become a 1000 times more scalable within 24 months.

Ethereum is showing a lot of strength currently doubling in price since March. At the time of publication, Ethereum is trading around $250. If the momentum continues, ETH might soon reach the $300 mark too however, the resistance around $280 where the price got rejected earlier is quite tough and may require a few tests before ETH is actually able to break through it.

ETHUSD Price Chart 20th May

ETH/USD Price Chart 20th May

A report came out a few days back that Ethereum Whales hold 1/3rd of all ETH in comparison to Bitcoin where the whales control 1/5th of it. Just 376 people have more than 30% of all Ether. The research did exclude all exchanges. So these 376 people are responsible for a relatively small volume of transactions which is approximately 7% and therefore don’t actually have a strong influence on the price of ETH. However, when these addresses do activate to sell off large amounts, they can actually have large effects on the cryptocurrency markets.


Ethereum 2.0 TestNet:

Joseph Lunbin recently commented on Ethereum 2.0 stating that we will see Ethereum become a 1000 times more scalable within 24 months. The time seems longer when we realize how many other blockchains are faster and cheaper than Ethereum and are in one way or another working today but Ethereum does maintain a very strong network effect with massive partnerships, a huge developer community, and various large projects.

The testnet for Ethereum 2.0 has been launched just a couple of weeks ago by Prysmatic Labs with staking implemented. It is just a testnet but it is worth remembering that Ethereum 2.0 is a multi-year effort to create a fully decentralized permissionless platform from programable cryptocurrency and that the move away from Proof of Work must be done correctly as billions of dollars in value are at stake here and retaining high security and decentralization must be adhered to.


The key pieces of the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade are as follows:

  • The Proof of Stake switching how Ethereum is mined, how the network is secured and how new coins are created.
  • Sharding: In order to increase scalability and transaction speed by splitting the large database into smaller and more manageable parts.
  • Ewasm: This allows for codes to execute faster among other things as well as expanding coding options and the capabilities for the Ethereum virtual machine.
  • Plasma: This is an extra layer that sits on top of the network that can essentially handle massive amounts of transactions. This is being approached by various teams at the moment. Scaling could be happening way sooner than we expected via Plasma.

All these are just a tip on the iceberg in terms of what’s actually happening in the background right now in terms of building Ethereum 2.0 and there is a lot more happening than these things.


Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior to use Ethereum:

In a recent announcement, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior revealed that Ethereum will be used to verify luxury goods for the fashion giants. ConsenSys has teamed up with the fashion houses and Microsoft in order to build a blockchain powered platform that allows customers to verify the authenticity of their luxury goods. The project is being called Aura.


It is based on the Ethereum blockchain & utilized Microsoft Azure and has been designed to serve the entire luxury industry with powerful product tracking and tracing services, and will also offer ethical and environmental information as well as for instructions related to product care and warranty services.


Chainlink Update: Oracles to go live

The decentralized oracles are scheduled to go live on the Ethereum mainnet this month. The decentralized oracles are designed to help smart contracts interact with real-world data. A key feature for many smart contracts which are being built that intend to have that crossover into the real world and require that real-world data. This is an important move for both Ethereum and Chainlink as it will be the largest and most reputable

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The Reason for Ethereum Price Surge: CFTC ETH Futures?



Ethereum increased 12% in the last 24 hours rising above $180. According to a recent publication, CFTC is considering to launch Ethereum Futures Contract.

Ethereum saw a tremendous 12% increase in the last 24 hours rising above $180 level with other major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin showing only a proportionate increase. According to a recent publication by CoinDesk, CFTC is considering to launch Ethereum Futures Contract.


CFTC Ethereum Futures

A recent publication on CoinDesk suggests that the United States Commodity and Futures Trading Commission, also known as CFTC is all set for considering an Ethereum Futures Contract provided that the same meet the companies criteria.


Previously, when Bitcoin Futures were granted permission in the ending month of 2017, both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and US Commodities and Futures Exchange (CFTC) were flooded with demands. Similarly, Ethereum futures would also attract a lot of institutional investors even though the investment in futures is not a direct investment and only a betting on the future price of the commodity or asset.


ETH price has seen a major crash since last year when the coin was trading at more than $800. Since the last many months, ETH has been trading below the $200 range and even fell below $100 sometime back. The recent rise in the price of ETH might be because of the CFTC taking interest in the cryptocurrency.


CFTC’s interest in ETH started in late 2018 when they issued a Request for input to seek more details on Ethereum’s technology and its model (consensus).


Ethereum Price Surge:

As soon as the publication went live, the price of Ethereum saw a tremendous surge, rising more than 12% in a matter of hours from around $160 to around $180. Not only the price but also the daily trading volumes increased to more than $8 billion.

ETHUSD Price Chart- Coinbase

ETH/USD Price Chart- Coinbase

Currently, Ethereum is trading around $177 as it corrected a few points lower after rising to more than $180. If ETH is able to close well above the $180 resistance level, there are high chances that ETH will rise above this level soon to move towards $200 range if the buyers stay strong.

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Alert: Ethereum at risk of theft, Save your wallets.



The so-called Blockchain Bandit has been exploiting weak Ethereum private keys and has so far managed to accumulate a fortune of 45000 Ethereum.

A shocking report came out on Wired that shows how one bandit has been stealing millions of dollars in Ethereum.


Ethereum Bandit:

The so-called Blockchain Bandit has been exploiting weak Ethereum private keys and has so far managed to accumulate a fortune of 45000 Ethereum. The hackers are devoting a lot of computing resources to scanning the Ethereum blockchain, watching for new wallets and when they have the keys, stealing the cryptocurrency.


The hackers have been able to exploit these addresses due to surprisingly weak private keys which have been generated. The odds of guessing a randomly generated Ethereum private key is 1 in 115 quattuorvigintillion. According to the specialist who discovered this theft that was happening, the task of identifying a random Ethereum key is like trying to choose a grain of sand on a beach and then later asking a friend to find that same grain of sand among a billion gazillion beaches. However, Ethereum was stolen despite these wild odds and 45,000 Ethereum is quite a lot of money.


How did it happen?

It specifically happened with Ethereum wallets that did things like cut off keys at just a fraction of their intended length. Either due to things like hoarding errors or other activities or wallets that included malicious codes, basically corrupting the randomization process to make the keys easier to guess.


Out of the 34 billion blockchain addresses that the researchers scanned, they found 732 addresses with easily guessable keys which basically means that only a small fraction of the total amount of keys are likely to be easily guessable. Most of the work seems to be done already though as the thieves seem to have a wast pre-generated list of keys as was evidenced by the researcher placing a dollar worth of Ethereum into a previously unused address which had a weak key and that Ethereum was immediately stolen by the bandit’s bots.

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