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In-Depth: Can Ethereum Go To Zero?



Ethereum eth price is heading back to below $200, after reaching a short-time high of $217 and reporting at $206.51. A sign of another sell off?

Ethereum is the world’s second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.
Ethereum is loved by crypto exchanges and is listed with most crypto pairs, more than any other coin, but Bitcoin, and as it rocketed up to nearly 1, 400 dollars in the same December period – when Bitcoin reached a peak of more than 20, 000 dollars, it is considered a valuable store.
As Ethereum is fundamentally different in terms of market value than Bitcoin, it is difficult to determine the exact future price.
Ethereum’s co-creator told CNBC that he expects the coin to succeed in 2019, based on the capital of development that is being introduced into the Ethereum ecosystem.


It’s Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Ethereum is performing better than Bitcoin, according to ConsenSys, the Alliance of Ethereum, smart contracts and ICOs.
Even Ethereum has developed with the fastest and most ad-free explorer EnjinX, which would undoubtedly make ETH more accessible to the general market.
Vitalik Buterin talked about the future of Ethereum scaling at his event TechCrunch Sessions Blockchain in Switzerland’s “crypto valley,” saying that the demand for the use of public block chains is high and that stability must be achieved.


ICOs, DApps on the Ethereum Network

The new blockchain units released after network changes do not contradict the old blocks of information and can interact with them in a single mechanism.
Vitalik Buterin’s team had a hard fork to reset the system, pull out smart ICO – related contracts and return the stolen money to depositors.
Ether Zero is an ethereal fork designed to interact with the DApps every day.
The developers began talking about the new Ethereum hard fork date version in December 2017.
Ethereum’s price reached its absolute minimum on 14 June, when the value of a coin fell to 1.91 USD.


Ethereum Classic and Ethereum

Ethereum Classic is a cryptocurrency created because of disagreement with how the original Ethereum was conducted.
Today, the ETH price is much higher and is generally what is known as the “real” Ethereum in the cryptocurrency community.
As Ethereum becomes more popular, it seems that Ethereum is gaining momentum and price appreciation.
However, as always, cryptocurrencies are a very risky investment and things can change in the blink of an eye ( as evidenced by the huge price decline of Ethereum in 2018 ).

Cryptocurrency writer and market watchman Reed also fix Ethereum as a safer long – term bet than Bitcoin.
Ethereum, on the other hand, has been created with expenditures as almost a rethinking issue, the Ethereum issue is what powers the Ethereum ecosystem, which has a potentially much greater scope than Bitcoin.
Similarly, it is difficult to treat Ethereum as another currency on the market.

The Dao is run by programming code, on a collection of intelligent contracts written on the Ethereum blockchain.
Over the last two years, ICOs has raised billions of dollars on the Ethereum platform, and one of the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies, EOS, is a currency of the ERC20.
Ethereum has recently created a new standard called ERC721 long – term protection for tracking unique digital assets.
Ethereum is based on blockchain technology, where all transactions are to be irreversible and unchangeable.

Joseph Raczynski, founder of, and a key influencer of the blockchain with a Twitter of 153, 000, expects the value of Ethereum to reach USD 1, 200 in the fourth quarter of 2019.
Jeff Reed, the author of cryptocurrency and market observer, points to Ethereum as a more secure long – term bet than Bitcoin.
You can trade anything with Ethereum, but it is not the strength of Ethereum compared to other cryptocurrencies – they can all do so.
You can trade anything with Ethereum, but it is not the strength of Ethereum compared to other cryptocurrencies – they can all do so.


Block Rewards in Ethereum

Ethereum’s block awards are paid in Ether, and such block awards are essential for the liveliness of the network, if the Ether reached 0. 00 hrs, then there would be no miners and no transaction.
In fact, why to spend every asset that could be worth more in the future, Stablecoins ( many of which are built on Ethereum ) solve the problem as users look to spend crypto with a dollar-denominated value.
Ethereum, on the other hand, is likely to have millions of transactions every day, as users interact with a multitude of dapps on the blockchain.

One thing that makes Ethereum very different, however, is the fact that it has more amortized than Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Stellar ( its main counterpart ).
Months ago, Vitalik Buterin assured investors that it was Ethereum’s long – term plan to ensure the scalability of Ethereum by creating a series of PoS.
In particular, on Ethereum, there have been many people like Charles Hoskinson who have invested in the development of the project, who have now started other activities.
Ethereum Classic is and has been the first example of such a gap in the community and developers regarding the future direction and philosophy of the chain.

For example, if bitcoin were a bubble and exploded, investors would also question the viability of Ethereum.
One way would be to engineer the creation of a new crypt that could be used to disrupt and ultimately become obsolete.
Ethereum does not seem to be at a higher risk of disappearing.


Analysis: Will Ethereum Rise in 2019?



There is a great possibility that the price of Ethereum might never rise again, At least not to the figures it earlier achieved.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been leading the cryptocurrency market for quite some time. While bitcoin blockchain’s main motive is to track the transactions, Ethereum’s main motive is to run the codes of DEX or decentralized apps.

While most people feel that bitcoin will always lead the cryptocurrency market, some believe the cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum might overtake bitcoin in the future. Currently, a group of companies known as Enterprise Ethereum Alliance supports the Ethereum blockchain who are working hard to improve the overall functionality of the blockchain.


Can Ethereum rise in 2019?

While Bitcoin is a store of value and most people use bitcoin as a form of investment, Ethereum is mostly used by software companies for development of their own dapps.

Ethereum saw a tremendous rise in price as well as in market capitalization during the ICO era which might have ended last year. In 2017, there was a boom in the overall ICO market and most Initial Coin Offerings collected their investments in the form of Ethereum. This had led to a massive demand for ETH as investors had to purchase ETH first in order to invest in other initial coin offerings.

Ethereum Price Chart

Ethereum Price Chart

The price of Ethereum reached more than $1400 at the start of 2018 and people started to feel that Ethereum might even overtake bitcoin soon. However, as months passed in the year 2018, both the price and the market capitalization of ETH experienced a massive mall which might be related to the end of ICO era. Cryptocurrency analysts also believe that the massive selling of Ethereum by Initial Coin Offerings who had been storing them as investments was the main reason for the fall in the price of ETH. Thousands of ICOs started selling their ETH holdings when they saw a bear market coming upfront.


Why ETH might never rise again:

There is a great possibility that the price of Ethereum might never rise again, At least not to the figures it earlier achieved. One of the reasons for this is the rising popularity of other blockchain platforms such as TRON who are direct competitors to ETH and some are even performing a lot better than Ethereum. The overall development of ETH blockchain seems to be quite slow and thus people have started to adopt other blockchains which are more suitable for their products and perform better than the Ethereum blockchain.


Another big reason why Ethereum might not rise again is the end of the ICO era. The number of initial coin offerings has seen a tremendous decrease last year and even lower this year. Also, the interest of investors has shifted from Initial Coin Offerings now as they do not see a safe and profitable future in investing in ICOs. As one of the major reasons for the rise of ETH was the ICO market and now with the end of the ICO era, Ethereum might never see those robust bulls again.


The following article is not financial advice. Readers are requested to do their own research and analysis before making any investment decisions in the cryptocurrency market which is highly volatile.


What do you feel about the future of Ethereum? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Ethereum is not a Security: SEC Chairman confirms Commission Staff Analysis



Jay Clayton, the Chairman of the SEC and an American attorney gave confirmation on the Commission Staff’s Analysis that said that cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are not securities.


Ethereum like tokens are not securities:

The SEC chairman has responded to a letter signed which was signed by Tedd Budd and several other colleagues after asking that whether the policy that would put forward last year by William Hinman, the director of the Divison of Corporate Finance should be regarded as the policy of the SEC or just a judgment of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s staff.

Jay Clayton responded to the letter by stating that he agrees to the statements of William Hinman that was made during the June 2018 speech that concern the digital tokens or cryptocurrencies. He said that he agrees that if a digital token is offered as security is not fixed (static). It might be offered first as security as it might meet the definition of an instrument contract, however, the position might change over time if the digital token is offered in a manner that does not represent that definition anymore. He agreed with William Hinman’s clarification about how the digital token might not represent the definition of an instrument contract.


The response letter by SEC Chairman Jay Clayton:






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2100 Ethereum accidentally sent as fee: Mining Pool returns half



A user had accidentally sent 2100 Ethereum as a transaction fee which was verified by Sparkpool. Sparkpool asked the user to verify himself.

A user had accidentally sent 2100 Ethereum as a transaction fee which was verified by Sparkpool. According to Sparkpool, they on 25th February, they received an email claiming that the user had mistakenly sent 2100 Ethereum as mining fee on 19th February which was more than $300,000.


What happened next?

Sparkpool was generous enough to reply to the email asking the user to verify himself as the owner of the ethereum account from which the transaction was made. Sparkpool asked the user to send 0.022517 ETH on the mining pool’s ethereum address from the same address (0x587ecf600d304f831201c30ea0845118dd57516e) from which the transaction was made.

According to what Sparkpool asked him to do, the user sent the same amount of ETH (0.022517) to Sparkpool’s address on the same day to confirm his identity as the owner of the address. After confirmation, Sparkpool negotiated on the term that they are going to keep half of the amount of ETH i.e. 1050 ETH for the pool miners and the rest half they are going to return to the user.

The user sent another transaction to Sparkpool’s address to confirm the negotiation made by Sparkpool. This transaction was worth 0.666 ETH and also contained a coded paragraph in which the user thanked Sparkpool and their miners for helping them and that they are willing to share 1050 ETH with the miners after which Sparkpool returned 1050 ETH to the user.

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