Digital asset management firm IDEG Investment launches two bitcoin trusts in Asia

IDEG Investment, a digital asset management company, announced in Hong Kong the launch of two bitcoin trusts in Asia. Asia Bitcoin Trust I and Atlas Mining Trust I are aimed for investments into digital assets.

Later last month, IDEG Investment Ltd. announced to launch Asia’s first bitcoin trust. According to the company, Asia Bitcoin Trust I is an actively managed vehicle that offers accredited and institutional investors compliant, secure, and professionally protected bitcoin exposure. 


“Investing in Bitcoin can optimize the risk-to-reward ratio of portfolios.”

Raymond Yuan, the founder of IDEG, said that bitcoin is a unique asset class that does not correlate with any traditional asset, and investing in bitcoin can optimize the risk-to-reward ratio of portfolios. He added that it is time for the institutional investors to include the digital asset in their asset allocation strategies. The investing company aims to bridge traditional investors and digital assets with the highest transparency and the highest security in the industry, according to the founder. 


The size of bitcoin trusts is $200 million.

According to the announcement, Atlas Mining Trust I will allow traditional investors to participate and share profits from Bitcoin mining activities. The total size of both the bitcoin trusts is $200 million. Kevin Yang, CEO of IDEG, said as the investment manager of the Trust, IDEG will apply a range of hedging and arbitrage strategies to gain more Bitcoin for the investors and meanwhile effectively examine the risk of draw downs.

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