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Huobi Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Controversial Rebrand to HTX

Huobi, a major cryptocurrency exchange, is rebranding to "HTX" for its 10th anniversary, drawing comparisons to FTX. The move has ignited discussions within the crypto community.

Huobi's Rebranding Decision Sparks Debates Amidst Similarities to Defunct Exchange FTX

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has marked its decade-long journey with a rebranding move that has stirred conversations within the crypto community. The exchange is transitioning from "Huobi" to "HTX," a decision that has drawn parallels to the now-defunct exchange FTX.

Deciphering the Name: HTX

Huobi's choice of "HTX" as its new identity has raised eyebrows and curiosity. The "H" represents Huobi, the "T" symbolizes Justin Sun's Tron blockchain project, and "X" signifies the exchange. Alternatively, "HT" pays homage to Huobi Token (HT), the exchange's native token, while "X" signifies its 10th-anniversary milestone. The rebranded slogan reads: "HTX, Just Trade It."

A Familiar Ring: FTX Associations

The rebranding decision sparked discussions on social media, with many noting the similarity to the now-defunct FTX exchange. Some questioned whether the move was intentional or coincidental, considering FTX's founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, faced legal challenges.