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How Twitter reacted to the arrest of Sam Bankman-Fried

Many people were shocked that Sam Bankman-Fried had been swiftly arrested in the Bahamas, and Twitter has gone crazy over the surprising news.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash

As news broke that Sam Bankman-Fried was being held in the Bahamas, U.S. legislators and cryptocurrency executive influencers opened their Twitter applications.

The initial reactions

Many people were shocked that Sam Bankman-Fried had been swiftly arrested in the Bahamas, and Twitter has gone crazy over the surprising news. The Royal Bahamas Police (1) detained the disgraced FTX founder on December 12 after they learned that the U.S. government had charged him with a crime.

Within a few hournfluencers, lawmakers, and crypto executives were alltotoogged into their Twitter accounts to post reactions on the former CEO's arrest. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York's Democratic Party, who has maintained a mostly unbiased perspective of the cryptocurrency business, nevertheless pointed out that the arrest would cause Bankman-appearance Fried's before the House Financial Services Committee, which was set for December 13, to be postponed. Date assured her 13 million Twitter followers that Bankman-was Fried's step toward "justice being served."

How officials reacted

In a tweet, U.S.Senator Cynthia Lummis expressed her satisfaction with the prosecution's choice to charge Bankman-Fried with the "good, old-fashioned fraud" she believed he had done. Elizabeth Warren, a fellow senator from the United States and a crypto skeptic, concurred in a tweet to her 7 million followers on December 13 that the U.S. Department of Justice needs to hold more criminal business CEOs accountable. Others seized the chance to make fun of everything. Benjamin Cowen, the founder, used ChatGPT, and CEO of the crypto-analysis channel Into The Cryptoverse, to Write some poems on Bankman-current Fried's situation. Memes are now trending on Twitter in the meantime.

Since FTX's shocking collapse in November, much has been made about Bankman-Twitter Fried's messages and media appearances. Trung Phan, the co-host of Not Investment Advice, stated to his 538,000 Twitter followers on December 13 that Bankman-erratic Fried's public behavior will make it more difficult for his defense lawyer to represent him.

Others think that after being arrested, Bankman-Fried will likely point the finger at coworkers and people connected to the FTX scandal, including those who received his sizable political donations. When asked about the potential during his final Twitter Spaces interview with Unusual Whales on December 12, Bankman-Fried said he didn't think he would get jailed." The Royal Police Force of the Bahamas was arrested after receiving official information from the U.S. that it had charged Bankman-Fried, the Bahamas' Office of the Attorney General said in a statement on December 12.