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Cyber security has always been a matter of concern for every Internet user. Cyber security is also something that is heavily stressed upon and one needs to be extra careful in securing themselves on the worldwide web. And when it comes to the security of your money in the cyber world, your security measures should be tenfold. You would not want your money to be compromised on the network and lose all your investment because you were lousy with your security choices. Accordingly, when you need to choose a wallet for your digital currencies to hold them and secure them, you need to make smart careful decisions. A Blockchain wallet is an online application that allows many people to store and transfer bitcoins as a payment to any part of the world in simple easy steps which people with even no technical background can easily go through.

If you are looking for a safe and secure option to create your wallet on, go for The steps to make an account on this website are pretty easy and very intuitive. The overall layout of the website is easy on the eyes and very user friendly so one must not really face any issues while creating their accounts, however, it is always wise to follow a trusted guide so that you do not face any hurdles or issues.


Go through the following steps or follow them step by step to make an account on

Open the website

The very first step is to visit their website. Click on this link to navigate to their website.


Sign Up

Click on the ‘Get a Free Wallet’ on the upper right corner of the web page. Alternatively, you could also click on the option ‘Wallet’ on the upper left corner of the webpage. You would see the option to ‘Login’. You would then be redirected to a page with the options to ‘Login’ or ‘Sign Up’. Since you do not have a wallet yet, click on the option ‘Sign Up’.


Create your wallet

Now proceed ahead to create your wallet. For this, you would be required to enter a few details about yourself. Begin entering them as and when you are asked. You would be asked to enter a valid email ID, a password of your choice and then you would finally be asked to re enter the chosen password. Use uppercase, lowercase alphabets, numbers, special characters and make your password at least 11 – 15 long. Accept the ‘Terms of Service’ and click on ‘Continue’.


And you are done!

Successfully following through these steps, you have now gotten yourself a digital wallet! Simply click on ‘Get Started’ and you are good to go!


Further security

It is always a wise decision to add further layers of security to your account. Navigate to the settings options on your dashboard and go through the range of security features available which are pretty easy and straightforward to use.

The Recovery Phase option can be used by users to set up a recovery phrase which can be used to restore all funds in case of a lost password or a loss of service at Another option is the Password Hint. Since never stores your password on its servers this option allows a user to create a memorable password hint that can be sent to the verified email address in case of a forgotten password. In case a password hint does not work well for you, you can choose to set up a Second Password. This password acts like a PIN which will be asked every time you want to spend your funds.

Further options include the 2 step verification. This is quite possibly to most important and useful feature. You can either choose to use your mobile number or an email ID for this feature.

Once you have set up all these, you are finally done with creating your wallet account and securing it with additional layers of security too. You can now simply navigate back to the dashboard and begin using your account to make tradings, purchasing, buying, selling etc.

Disclaimer: Coinnounce's views are not necessarily reflected in the articles published, and they are the sole representation of the author's opinions. Article's information should not be taken as investment advice. Risks are involved in cryptocurrency investments and trading. Readers are urged to carry out extensive research before making a decision.

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