How an English Teacher Became the #1 ICO Advisor: The Story of Simon Cocking

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Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary is a content writer with computer applications as his background field. His interests range from writing and photography to going out for trips and rides on weekends.

With an impressive 30 years long career(and still going strong), with different fields of work, Simon Cocking is one person that is full of surprises. With a bunch of degrees in various fields and working experience in fields related to them, Simon has created a huge footprint in the world of blockchain and ended up as #1 advisor on ICOBench.

Simon is a lover of sports, music, and adventure, and these fields helped him learn a lot of things on how to work and maintain a healthy environment for him as well as the people he works with.

Always learning, Always Advancing

simon cocking 2

On the academic front, Simon Cocking had a keen interest in Math and English, and it reflects in his career choices and why he decided to stick with tech in the end.

Simon spent ten years of his life building an environmental education company and understands the struggles faced by a team when there is no previous knowledge available.

“Blockchain is a global, decentralized way to safely store your data and measure micro-transactions of value between one party and another.”

– Simon Cocking


Turning Curiosity into Profession

simon cocking

Simon Cocking was always fond of reading, and during one of his sessions, he came across a book, Blockchain Revolution written by Don and Apex Tapscott. This book worked as an eye-opener for Simon as he got introduced to the world of blockchains and after spending 4 years in writing about cases of blockchain technology, he finally decided to be a part of this world.

Simon brought his vision and skills to the decentralized space, and in no time, people who were launching new ICO’s and Blockchain based projects reached out to him for his help. Working with almost 150 ICO campaigns, Simon Cocking is ranked as the #1 advisor on ICO Bench.

As Simon reached new heights in his life and career, a lot of new blockchain and ICO projects started coming forward to retain his services for the marketing of their projects and to get his guidance.

But Simon had set a bar for such projects. Certain conditions that they have to fulfill before he agrees to help them. He believes that the first and foremost thing should be that the product should be interesting and should offer some value, first to the company and then to the worldwide user and him.

Simon was busy and packed with work before he even entered the blockchain community. He kept himself busy with a career as a content writer and senior editor with Irish Tech News, Ultimate Frisbee, community artist, and parenting. All these are different fields, but one thing that was common in them was teamwork.

“Time and time again, it is the people, not the tech that often presents the biggest challenges. So, if you can deal with people, then you will excel in most areas.”

– Simon Cocking


Achieving Success

As the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Irish Tech News, Simon Cocking helped in bringing the tech news to the masses and over time it has reached on a global level and is ranked as the #1 technology blog in Ireland by Alexa. Even now he stays busy and helps Irish Tech News by helping the blockchain projects market their product.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and Simon was well aware of this saying. Along with his work life and the achievements in the field, he was making his name in the field of sports too. Started as a player and with 5 national wins, Simon also captained and coached for Ultimate Frisbee, Irish National game with its origin in the US.

Simon also actively participates in art through community art, helping people around and adding brighter colors in the community. Simon has always had a great experience with his travel journeys across the globe to speak at events, meeting people with whom he has previously worked and getting to meet new people over a cup of coffee or few beers.


Wise words by Simon Cocking

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Simon’s advice for people who are planning to enter the decentralized space and the blockchain community is to be more specific with the project they wish to work, to find a project that is more relevant to them and about which the people can be passionate and excited about. Blockchain is going to be more appealing, and in trend in future, so you need to get a head start to make a name for yourself in the business and work out for the part that is right for you.

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Litecoin price might escape the descending pattern as weekly analysis report bullish sentiments – Litecoin Price News

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