HK protest app’s admin calls China’s digital yuan a tool for mass surveillance.

Hong Kong protests do not seem to slow down. The admin of the banned app, created to track the location of police and anti-government protesters, has warned against China's digital yuan.

Anti-government protests in Hong Kong are only escalating, and it’s getting tough for protestors to organize protests peacefully. Recently an app on IOS was launched by the name to track down the location of police and anti-government protesters. The app was launched on 4th October, and the very next day, it was taken down by Apple from its store. The admin of the app has warned against Chinese digital yuan.


China’s digital yuan a tool for mass surveillance?

Recently, an official from the People’s Bank of China revealed that it would only allow “controllable anonymity” to digital yuan’s users. While this self-contradictory statement got criticism from the crypto community, but it was not surprising. China is known for censoring online media and mass surveillance using technology.

In an email exchange with an unchained podcast, the anonymous developer of HKmap lives said that digital yuan would very likely be a “massive and transparent surveillance tool for the Chinese government.


HKmap now pushes for crypto donations.

After facing rejection from Apple, HKmap started accepting cryptocurrencies in donations. The pseudonymous administrator of HKmap informed that they don’t have a single organization that organizes protests. Protesters form small groups using apps like Telegram and LHKG, which is the Chinese version of Reddit. He said that crypto needs to be more accessible as it currently requires an extensive KYC identification process.

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