Heavy rainfall in Sichuan destroys a bitcoin mining farm

Multiple mudslides hit southwest China yesterday, leaving seven people dead and more than 25 missing. A bitcoin mining farm in Sichuan was destroyed completely in the mudslide triggered by very heavy rainfall. Last month a rain-triggered flood in east China caused a lot of mayhem.

The rainfall also cut off power and communication of the most towns in Southwest China. A video posted on twitter shows how rainfall completely eradicated a bitcoin mining farm. Almost 70% of mining happens in China, and Sichuan is the center of mining. This is not the first time when floods caused damage to bitcoin mining farms, last year massive floods halted many mining farms operations.

According to local authorities, the rainfall caused total damage of  1.4 billion yuan, which equals to $200 million. According to Matralogica department of China, continuous rainfall for 25 days caused the mudslides that caused huge damage to life and property in that area. The department has also predicted rainfall for the coming week too.

The rainfall has caused other bitcoin mining farms to stop their operations as the power and communication supply has been affected by the rainfall. Due to the halt in mining operations hash rate has also dropped from 78 exahash per second on Monday to 73 exahash on Wednesday.

Jai Pratap
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