Hashtag #TheYearIs2030 trends on Twitter as Bitcoiners predict the future of Blockchain

Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts on twitter are predicting the future of the industry using #Theyearis2030. The trend kick-started by Blockstream CSO Samson Mow, using the hashtag he tweeted about the future of Coinbase. Referring to recent news of so many executives leaving the company he mentions a scenario where the last employee of Coinbase resigned and the only person left is CEO Brian Armstrong. Soon Twitterati started using the hashtag to predict the future of various cryptocurrencies and blockchain industry.

Some tweets made fun of various Crypto personalities and companies. Ethereum was also dragged in banter as people mocked the launch of Ethereum 2.0 and if it is ever going to happen. Supporters of Ethereum also used the hashtag to predict how Ethereum is most used blockchain in the year 2030.

Some crypto enthusiasts showed high hopes for the future as one tweeted the private wallets have replaced banks, and finally everyone is stackingSats. Some even predict that just in 11 years fiat currency would die. Crypto Panda tweeted “Binance replaced NASDAQ, Bitfinex replaced NYSE, Bitcoin replaced gold, Satoshi wins the Nobel Prize.”

Maybe not all the predictions of crypto enthusiast may come true, but it is fun to watch the “humorous” side of the crypto world. Join the #theyearis2030 on twitter to make your crypto predictions.

Jai Pratap
Jai Pratap
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