Workplace harassment lawsuit against Justin Sun and Tron to be settled outside the court

The harassment lawsuit file by the two former employees of the Tron Foundations against the company and Justin Sun will now go to arbitration.

The two former employees of the TRON Foundations had filed a lawsuit against the CEO Justin Sun and the company of providing a hostile work environment and an inherent nonchalance over following U.S. regulations. The allegations also included physical assault and verbal abuse from the senior of the company.


The harassment lawsuit goes to arbitration.

The individuals who file the lawsuit against the TRON Foundations and Justin Sun for the hostile work environment wanted to take the courts to get involved, but that’s not going to happen, at least for now, as an employment contract signed by the workers requires all disputes to first go to arbitration. Richard Hall and Lukasz Juraszek complained that they did not like how Justin Sun allegedly hit the company’s engineering head, Cong Li, who subsequently hit another employee. 


Both employees were fired for raising their voices. 

Richard Hall and Lukasz Juraszek also brought up subjects like the presence of copyright material on BitTorrent, which Sun acquired in 2018, were dismissed as unimportant. Later, Hall and Lukasz were both fired for speaking against workplace violations. This wrongful termination, as they saw it, led to the filing of the lawsuit, but TRON countered that the existing arbitration agreement voided the suit. The judge who received TRON’s defense, Ethan Schulman, also agreed with Tron and who received TRON’s defense, Ethan Schulman, agreed.

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