Hackers demanding bitcoin after deleting files from lomega network drives

Amid the cryptocurrency scams, hacking of accounts and files has taken a bizarre turn. The atrocious hackers are now vanishing the records on publicly accessible storage devices and demanding bitcoin in return of the data.

The significant disappearance of files has been seen on the Lenovo lomega network-attached devices (NAS) having a publicly obtainable loose end if not secured appropriately. Lenovo also issued an advisory not telling people to secure their lomega drives. Some of the users have, however, managed to save or restore their data by attaching their drives directly to the PC.

The victims are discovering their drives empty. With a text, “YOUR FILES ARE SAFE!!!”, the hackers demand the virtual currency for the safe attainment of the records. The demand ranges from 0.01 ($100) to 0.05 ($470) Bitcoin and is much less than the 6-figure amount paid by victims previously. The reason behind can be the hacking of more than one account.

Each note denotes a separate bitcoin address hence portraying a blur vision whether it is the same or different group of hackers. In addition to the pay-off, the hackers are also proffering a deadline of 1 August 2019. If not given the amount by the last date, the files would be “GONE FOR GOOD.”

As per the reports of BleepingComputer, one of the bitcoin addresses has received a total of nine payments since 27 July. The nine payments give a total of 0.2 Bitcoins ($1900) to the address and might be associated with the hacking swindle.

Saloni Sheelwant
Saloni Sheelwant treasures to research and write about the new startups and technologies thriving at a very fast pace.

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