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Hacker Claims to Offer 'Subpoena' Access to Discord, Binance, Coinbase User Data

A hacker claims to provide access to a law enforcement request account, "KodexGlobal," offering to issue emergency data requests (EDRs) for user information from platforms like Binance, Coinbase, and Discord. Cybersecurity experts are concerned about the potential risks this poses to user data.

A hacker has allegedly gained access to a law enforcement request account named "KodexGlobal," offering it for sale on BreachForums. The account allows buyers to issue emergency data requests (EDRs) for user information from various platforms, including LinkedIn, Discord, Tinder, Binance, Coinbase, Chainlink, and more.

Cybercrime solutions provider Hudson Rock reported that the hacker is selling access to the KodexGlobal account for $5,000 or $300 per EDR. The hacker is suspected to have obtained access to law enforcement systems by exploiting credentials acquired from Infostealer Infections, often originating from compromised computers owned by law enforcement officers.

KodexGlobal is a platform used for secure communications between law enforcement agencies and regulators, and hackers with access to it could request personal data under false legal pretenses, potentially leading to identity theft, extortion, and financial losses for users, particularly those holding cryptocurrency assets.

While Binance confirmed awareness of such access, it emphasized its commitment to safeguarding user data against unauthorized access, indicating that this incident did not represent a breach of Binance's system.

The abuse of the law enforcement request system poses significant risks, and authorities are investigating the matter.