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Goldman Sachs: First Bitcoin Future Transaction

Goldman Sachs is not new to being interested in crypto. It had happened before and probably, along with Barclays. The global financial institution has been most interested in digital currencies.

In March 2021, the investment bank had already shown the extent of its interest in Bitcoin by taking an interest in OTC transactions.

In essence, the institute became interested through its ad hoc team in studying an over-the cryptographic tool.

As reported at the time of the events on CNBC, the most classic example of decentralized finance (DeFi), Goldman had made a purchase transaction through Galaxy crypto bank.

In its annual report last month, Goldman Sachs noted that political institutions and investment banks generally show a constant opening and increasing crypto assets.

Blockchain technology at the foundation of this world is universally recognized as an innovation that is changing. It will change finance and many other sectors over time, and consequently, we try more and more to interact with it and no longer fight her.

‘We are delighted to partner with Cumberland and Goldman Sachs to execute the first cryptocurrency futures and options contracts listed through the CME group in Asia. This transaction marks BGC’s continued commitment to expanding our cryptocurrency offering and partnering with our global counterparts to develop this rapidly evolving asset class.” Brad Howell, CEO of Asia Pacific for BGC, says this.