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Giga Energy Expands Bitcoin Mining into Argentina, Utilizing Wasted Energy

Giga Energy expands its Bitcoin mining operations into Argentina, utilizing wasted energy from natural gas flaring. This move demonstrates Giga's commitment to sustainable mining practices and environmental conservation.

Texas-based Bitcoin miner Giga Energy has announced its expansion into Argentina, tapping into wasted energy from natural gas flaring in the country's oil fields. This move is part of Giga's strategy to leverage otherwise unused resources for Bitcoin mining, aligning with its vision to mitigate flaring globally.

Harnessing Wasted Energy:

Giga's new mining site in Argentina, located in the province of Mendoza, aims to harness wasted energy from natural gas flaring, a byproduct of oil extraction. By diverting excess gas into generators to power Bitcoin mining rigs, Giga is not only mining Bitcoin but also reducing methane emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Operational Milestone:

Describing the expansion as a "significant milestone," Giga's co-founder Brent Whitehead highlighted the company's commitment to broadening its operational landscape while pursuing environmentally friendly practices.

Partnerships for Success:

To support its operations in Argentina, Giga has partnered with IT services company Exa Tech for onsite operations and oil and gas firm Phoenix Global Resources for the supply of the necessary gas. These partnerships are crucial for Giga to scale its operations and ensure profitability.

Bitcoin Mining Potential:

Despite being in a test phase since December, Giga's Argentina site has already mined between $200,000 and $250,000 worth of Bitcoin. Once fully operational, the site is expected to significantly contribute to Giga's mining capacity and profitability.

Global Impact:

Giga's approach to utilizing wasted energy for Bitcoin mining showcases a sustainable model that could be replicated in other regions facing similar challenges. By converting natural gas flaring into electricity for Bitcoin mining, Giga is not only mining cryptocurrency but also promoting environmental conservation.


Giga Energy's expansion into Argentina marks a significant step in its mission to leverage wasted energy for Bitcoin mining. With a focus on environmental sustainability and operational efficiency, Giga is setting a new standard for responsible cryptocurrency mining.