Germany selects IOTA to design digital tech to fight pandemic in Africa and Eastern Europe.

IOTA (MIOTA) has been selected as one of the finalists of Germany's Federal Government's innovative challenge to design a Smart Care Corona Response in Africa and Eastern Europe.

IOTA Foundation and 19 others were selected as finalists by the Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development as a viable lead competent of fighting the global pandemic COVID-19. The IOTA Foundation is an umbrella body housing outstanding projects for combating the ongoing global pandemic. The Smart Development Hack is regulated by the ministry to select the best digital technology projects capable of mitigating against the widespread COVID-19.


Over 150 firms and teams participated in the “hackathon.”

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) organized the hackathon on May 14 and 15 with the motto “let’s hack the coronavirus.” Over 150 firms and teams participated in this event, and more than 1000 ideas were showcased out of which 20, which includes IOTA Foundation, were selected by the ministry. This hackathon’s target was to come up with the idea to reduce the intensity of COVID-19, specifically in developing and underdeveloped countries.



Selected teams will design a Smart Care Corona Response.

 European Union, Team Europe, businesses, and civil society from far and wide had co-sponsored the hackathon. The teams selected in the hackathon will be responsible for designing a Smart Care Corona Response in Africa and Eastern Europe. Firms that were selected in the hackathon include the IOTA Foundation, CADUS e.V, Medicus AI GmbH, ICME Healthcare GmbH, and some other notable companies. These firms are to be financially supported to be able to transform the idea into reality. The ongoing pandemic has changed the world, and it seems like it would take a long time for the world to return to normal. 

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought the world to stand still as several countries remain in lockdowns, and businesses remain shut. Currently, over 4.8 million have been diagnosed with the virus, and over 300,000 have died. Earlier, US Fed chairman Jerome Powell hinted at further economic collapse and more rise in the unemployment rate. 


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