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Your gateway to the Web 3.0 is here: Courtesy of NFT Domain names from


Verifying that you have the right address before sending cryptocurrency to another person is one of the people’s most prevalent worries while sending cryptos. Because the wallet address is such a complex string of characters and numbers, even a simple copy and paste will almost certainly result in you double-checking everything. has introduced NFT domains in the hopes that this will alleviate the situation.

By providing the facility to mint NFT domain names, seeks to promote the use of NFTs worldwide. When Quik finally releases its web browser extension, users will be able to use the NFT domains for both the hosting of decentralized websites that use IPFS and as a replacement for their crypto wallet address.

On, the minting of NFT domains is now active.

The Benefits That Come Along When Using’s NFT Domains

  • You are only required to purchase the NFT domain name once. After that, no renewal is required ever!
  • The communication between individuals that use cryptographic addresses is made easier.
  • Censorship will not affect your NFT domain, which will continue to be stored in your wallet.
  • NFT Domains are equipped with many additional features compared to regular domains.

Are’s NFT domains safe?

The fact that NFT Domains from are held on the blockchain behind your account makes them exceptionally secure. This means that they are on par with the blockchain’s overall level of security.

It is even more secure because the domain cannot be blocked by anybody other than yourself, ensuring that your website can never be taken down due to censorship.

What are the Characteristics of’s New Top-Level Domains?

A few distinguishing features may be found in NFT Domains from Given how domain ownership generally works, considering that it is a one-time payment and there is no need to renew it annually is very enticing. Additionally, the domain is censor-resistant, meaning it cannot be taken down by anyone other than the owner.

Since the NFT domains are generated on the blockchain, they can function as a payment gateway. They might also be used to construct websites with decentralized applications (dApps) built directly on them, making it possible to employ smart contracts on any website.

The capability of’s NFT Domains to provide users with a custom address for a wallet that can be used to hold a variety of cryptocurrencies is the most notable and attractive aspect of this product.

After completing the first setup, all you need to remember is your NFT domain name, and all your future purchases will be credited to the respective cryptocurrency wallets you’ve established. Not only is it helpful for you, but it is also helpful for anyone else who wants to send you cryptos.

Please be aware that you won’t be able to use the NFT Domains until Quik deploys its web browser extension.

Which top-level domains (TLDs) are currently being offered?

There are now ten different top-level domains (TLDs) for NFTs that are accessible for minting:











How exactly do I acquire these NFT domains using

Here are the simple steps to acquire your NFT domain:

  • Visit, connect either your Metamask or Mobile Wallet.
  • Search to see if the NFT domain name you want is available. There will be a large number of NFT domain extensions visible.
  • If the ” Mint ” button is there, your desired extension is available and can be minted.
  • Hit the Mint button.
  • Approve the transaction involving the minting of your coins in your wallet. And you are done.
  • Your profile will display the NFT domain as soon as the transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain have been validated and verified.

Considering how simple it is to mint your own NFT domain from and its usefulness in the Web 3.0 space, it is a no-brainer to wait any further. Get your NFT domain right now from