Gatehub suffers a data breach, 1.4 million accounts compromised.

According to the Ars Technica report, passwords, and personal data of more than 1.4 million accounts of the Gatehub cryptocurrency wallet was posted online. The leak was discovered by Troy Hunt, a security expert that runs the Have I Been Pwned security breach notification service.

Security researcher Troy Hunt revealed that passwords and personal information of more than 1.4 million Gatehub users were compromised last month. The report also revealed that in a separate leak, data belonging to some 800,000 RuneScape bot provider EpicBot account holders were also compromised, reported by Ars Technia.


Gatehub undermines the scale of the data breach.

Two-factor authentication keys, mnemonic phrases, and wallet hashes were also among the data posted on a hacker forum. A user revealed on Twitter that he received a notification from the wallet service provider say that his credentials were compromised and were found on the dark web.

The wallet service provider company, in an official statement in July, acknowledged that hackers had gained unauthorized access to a database holding valid access tokens of customers. Gatehub estimated that accounts of only 18,473 customers were compromised.


Gatehub has been hacked before

Earlier in June, Gatehub experienced a data breach in which hackers managed to steal worth $9.5 million in XRP. The cybercriminals compromised around 100 XRP Ledger wallets on the platform. The hackers used API calls to carry out the attack. Gatehub users were also targetted by a phishing scam as users received emails from addresses that posed as the wallet service provider.

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