Former UFC player Ben Askren thinks XRP is a scam.

Retired UFC player Ben Askren nicknamed "Funky," a known bitcoin advocate tweeted that he thinks XRP is a scam. Ben Arksen is an American retired professional mixed martial artist and former Olympic wrestler.

Former UFC player and former ONE Welterweight Champion, Ben Askren, earlier today tweeted that he thinks Ripple’s XRP is a scam. Ben Askren has been a vocal supporter of digital currencies in general, but he never made any comment about XRP before.


Ben Askren supports Litecoin and bitcoin.

Ben Askren, in 2018, tweeted in support of Litecoin and praised Charlie Lee’s vision for the crypto project. He was also seen wearing a Litecoin-branded shirt, and Litecoin Foundation also sponsored a UFC event. Since his retirement, Ben Askren has been interacting with the industry and vocalizing his opinions about cryptocurrencies. Ripple is currently facing a class-action lawsuit filed by early XRP investors who claim that Ripple sold unregistered securities.


Ben is not the only one to think so.

The former UFC fighter is not the only one who has voiced such an opinion about XRP. Toney Vays, a former Wall Street trader turned Bitcoin analyst said that the Ripple token itself has no place, and it is just security of the Ripple corporation. However, Ripple has maintained a firm stance saying that XRP is not a scam, and it would go on to exist even if Ripple gets shut down.

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