Former Church, now a 7 Bedroom home is on sale for 150 BTC – Bitcoin News

A former Church in England that has been converted to a seven-bedroom house is on sale for 150 bitcoin. The Church turned house is located in Middleton One Row, a village in County Durham in North East England. At the time of writing, 150 BTC equals to $1,190,922

Rightmove, one of the leading online real state website, has a listing for a “7 bedroom character property” for sale for around 150 BTC, which is around $1,190,922 at the time of writing. The house is located in Northen England county, Durham. The seller has confirmed that he is happy to accept bitcoin as a method of payment.

The listed house was formerly St Laurence’s Church, a parish church dating back to 1871. According to a local media report, St Laurence’s Church was officially closed in June 2012 by the Church Commissioners as the building had structural problems that would cost too much to fix.

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