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Find Work From Home Internships in India & Give Your Career a Killer Launch Amidst the Coronavirus

KillerLaunch, a leading job and internship search platform from India, is assisting individuals find work from home employmen
KillerLaunch, a leading job and internship search platform from India, is assisting individuals find work from home employment opportunities, encouraging remote working during the lockdown.


The announcement of the Coronavirus pandemic caused a situation of panic amongst all the individuals across the globe. Many students who were all set to begin their journeys also lost their internships due to the lockdown. However, if you, as a student, are on a lookout to make the best out of this situation by gaining access to the top work from home internships in India, there’s one amongst the internship platform you can rely upon.

According to reports issued by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (1), over 27 million young individuals from the age of 20 to 30 years have lost their jobs in April 2020, making it the toughest time with declining urban jobless rates standing at the lowest. During the time of crisis when India is facing its worse unemployment stage, KillerLaunch, a leading employment search platform, is helping the youth find rewarding work from home jobs and internships during the lockdown period.


KillerLaunch is a leading job and internship search platform from India that has been providing its users with fantastic work from home employment opportunities across the fields and boundaries of India, helping the youth gain access to online jobs and internships. As a student, KillerLaunch offers some of the best work from home internships hailing from different industries like media, HR, tech, etc., to give your career a killer launch!

Internship meaning, according to the Oxford dictionary, says that it is the position of a student/trainee who works in an establishment, sometimes even without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification to land a permanent job.

KillerLaunch – Find Awesome Work From Home Internships in India

1. Internships from across India

KillerLaunch provides you with a chance to find internships from across the country in a few clicks from your home. Work from home internships listed on the platform allows you as students or freshers to gain work experience in the field of your choice without sacrificing the given opportunities due to distance.

Through remote working, you can access internships from across India and be part of the companies without residing in the region physically.

killer launch

2. Intern in the field of your choice

KillerLaunch, the leading job and internship search platform, not only provides a chance to intern with the top companies from across India but is also an excellent search portal to find internships according to your preferred field.

Internships hailing from multiple fields like human resources, media, writing, video production, content creation, data entry, and more have been listed down on the KillerLaunch platform. So the next time someone asks youwhy should we hire you,’ you can confidently answer by elaborating on your passion and educational qualifications in the field.

3. Work From Home to Earn From Home

Stipend provided during internships helps students gain confidence in their earning potential as an employee. Work from internships listed on KillerLaunch allows its users to earn while working online, helping provide the interns with a chance to earn income while building on their work experience.

4. Build your work experience

Through remote working internships, an individual is able to gain the skills and experience required to land a permanent job at a later stage. It helps in molding a student or fresher’s personality to make him a perfect match for the corporate world while ensuring he/she excels in their respective fields.

Work from home internships also allows you to explore your career path and figure out which field interest and intrigues you the most, so that later when its time to sit for the placements, you would know which job role would suit you the best in the long run.

Usually, during placements and job interviews, as stated in multiple recruitment companies or startup stories, individuals having better volunteering and internship experience are preferred over individuals having no experience in extracurricular activities or volunteering. Give your career a killer launch, thrashing the atrocities put forth by the Coronavirus pandemic, and head straight to KillerLaunch to find your dream internship today.