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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved a 110-year-old powerhouse in the US State of Montana to become a cryptocurrency mining center. The powerhouse ceased to operate in 2013 but holds high historical values and is a hydroelectric facility. The building will not undergo any structural modifications to preserve the valuations. However, it is not yet clear what kind of crypto will be mind and what power will the powerhouse have.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has confirmed a century-old powerhouse in the US state of Montana to be established into a cryptocurrency mining hub. Named as the Old Rainbow powerhouse, it discontinued being in employment six years back, in 2013.

The power station is said to possess historical values and played a significant role during the early 20th century by contributing to the Montana mining and railroad industries. As per the FERC document, Northwestern Corporation had been scouring for alternate use of the building. In July this year, the company subsequently offered to lease the old powerhouse to California-based firm Susteen for cryptocurrency mining, stating that the mining center “would have minimal impact and maintain the historic character of the building.”

The building will have no modifications in its structure, including its elevator, walls, and floors, to preserve the actual value. The existing generator control room, the hydropower board, and murals will also see no changes. The document clearly states, “The proposed data center is supported by the (Old Rainbow powerhouse Repurposing) Committee and would preserve the building’s historic character.”

Although it is set to be a crypto mining center, it is not yet unveiled what kind of digital coins will be mined and what mining power will be provided to the facility.

Alexander Aryan
Alexander Aryan
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