FCA Reports: Darwinex, online broker being targeted by clone companies

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) uncovered three websites that claimed to have a link with FCA authorized Tradeslide Trading Tech Limited, also known as Darwinex. All three sites copied the exact interface of the Darwinex to trick investors. On Tuesday FCA posted warning against these websites.

FCA warned investors to be aware of these three websites; StockotradeFX, Ultimatecryptofx and, Tradevibefx. These websites are not registered with FCA to conduct any business in the UK. If you have have been cold called by any of these websites you need to be wary and report the same FCA added. In its warning post Finance authority strongly advised people to deal with only companies that are authorized by FCA. It also suggested that people should go through their list of registered companies before making a financial transaction. And if any company approaches them that is not listed with FCA, they should report on the helpline number of FCA.

Darwinex is the third company that has been reported to be cloned by scammers in the past three months. Previously, Clone scammers targetted FINSA Europe Ltd, which operates under the trading name Financial Spreads. The clone website Hksvf claimed to have a link with ENC retail brokerage TickMill. FCA revealed the site to be fake and warned the investors about it.

Clone firms can go on great length to pretend to be an authorized company to scam investors. According to FCA, some websites use real reference number of registered firms to trick people into thinking that they are real websites.

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