Fake Satoshi Nakamoto scams senior citizens with a Bitcoin pension scheme

Joerg Molt is among the many individuals who claim to be the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Recently, Joerg was called out on twitter by the crypto community for pretending to be the founder of bitcoin and claiming he has more than 250,000 bitcoins

In the last few years, several individuals from the crypto community have come forward and claimed to be the founder of the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin. But all of them failed to convince the crypto community. One of them is Joerg Molt, who was recently called out on twitter for claiming to be the founder of bitcoin and owning more than 250,000 bitcoins.


Joerg Molt has scammed more than 7,000 people.

Joerg Molt launched a bitcoin pension scheme back in 2017 and promised a payout of 2 bitcoin on the investment of $500. Several people have alleged that he is running a massive Ponzi scheme, and so far, he has scammed more than 7,000 people of over $6 million. According to Molt’s scheme, an investor will receive over 320% interest per year if bitcoin’s price remains around $8,600.

Earlier, Andreas Antonopoulos tweeted that Molt seems to be defrauding seniors, with what appears in his opinion to be a Ponzi scheme. Joerg Molt had shared a picture of him with Andreas to boost his credibility.


Fake Satoshi Nakamoto continues to scam senior citizens.

Joerg Molt recently quit Twitter after a video went viral in which a Youtuber calls him a scammer. However, the “Bitcoin Pension” scheme is still active, and according to the website, the first payout to the investors will be given in 2022. There are several red flags in this scheme, Nakamolto.info, a website that tracks the Molt’s scheme revealed that there is no legal entity or a contract is involved while signing up.

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