Explained: How Cryptocurrency Airdrop Works?

Airdrops can be defined as the process by which a cryptocurrency company distributes free cryptocurrencies to some users ‘wallets. From the hype and buzz surrounding a new blockchain business to the satisfaction of loyal customers, there are many reasons why a cryptocurrency airdrop is being implemented.


Cryptocurrency Airdrop

Cryptocurrency airdrops are a great way to win free coins for investors, as well as an innovative way to build the public for ICOs. To receive a cryptocurrency, you usually need a wallet to support the coins you receive.

In many cases, airdrops are built using the Ethereum ERC20 standard and you can use common wallets such as the MyEtherWallet address to receive the airdrop.

Word – of – mouth advertising and other forms of organic involvement caused by an imminent cryptocurrency airdrop can lead to an increase in user involvement in cryptocurrency. Interested users must complete their assigned tasks before the date of the airdrop and enter their wallet address to receive the cryptocurrency. Most companies announce their airdrops through Telegram or Facebook groups. While in other cases, you will need to keep some kind of altcoin or even bitcoin to receive airdrop coins.

Cryptocurrency forks are different: Cryptocurrency forks basically means that an existing blockchain technology is divided into two parts and a new one is created. Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ) is the result of the Bitcoin fork, which took place on 1 August 2017, after a continuous debate between different factions of the Bitcoin community has not been able to help the world’s largest digital currency to remain unified.

OmiseGo – a cryptocurrency platform designed to allow for financial inclusion and interoperability through a public, decentralized chain based on blockchains – sold its coins to the public and then distributed 5 percent for free via airdrop. Coinnounce does not have an airdrop label, but you can still find press releases related to airdrops on the site by searching.

EOS airdrops have become the main topic of conversation in almost every online cryptocurrency community.
EOS is a decentralized application platform that can be used to create cryptographic coins similar to Ethereum. There are already dozens of projects that have decided to issue their chips on the EOS blockchain, including acacia, Cetos, Edna, Everpedia, EOX, HoursPay, and many others.

With Ethereum’s ICO crowdfunding model, anyone can create an intelligent contract, deliver millions of ERC20 tokens, arbitrarily price for such chips and then sell them to the public.

Cryptocurrency investors are always advised to research, consult with experts and use common sense before investing in any type of investment vehicle in the cryptocurrency space.



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