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EU Commission Proposes AI Factories for Startups and SMEs

The EU Commission has proposed initiatives such as AI factories, an AI Office, and AI supercomputer access to support startups and SMEs in developing trustworthy AI aligned with EU values and rules.

The European Commission has introduced a package of measures to support startups and SMEs in the development of trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) that aligns with European Union (EU) values and rules. The key initiatives in this package include:

  1. AI Factory: European startups will have simplified access to dedicated AI supercomputers, making it easier to develop general-purpose AI models. This initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of AI technology.
  2. EU AI Act: The EU AI Act, agreed upon in December 2023, is the first comprehensive global law on powerful AI models, including those backed by companies like Microsoft and Google. It aims to facilitate the development, deployment, and adoption of reliable AI in the EU.
  3. Large AI Grand Challenge: Launched in November 2023, this initiative offers financial support and supercomputing access to AI startups.
  4. AI Office: The establishment of an AI Office within the Commission to coordinate AI policy at the European level and supervise the implementation and enforcement of the AI Act.
  5. EU AI Start-Up and Innovation Communication: This initiative aims to generate an additional total investment of approximately €4 billion until 2027, combining public and private funds.
  6. European Digital Infrastructure Consortiums (EDICs): The creation of two EDICs, including the Alliance for Language Technologies (ALT) to address the shortage of European language data for AI training and 'CitiVERSE' to leverage AI tools for developing Local Digital Twins for Smart Communities.

These measures reflect the EU's commitment to fostering AI innovation while ensuring compliance with regulations and values.