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Ethereum will stay, says Blockonix Exchange



While ETH is going through a trauma state where everyone seems to dump their ETH, their are some believers who still believe Ethereum is the queen of Crypto

Decentralized Exchange Blockonix believe ETH will stay

While ETH is going through a trauma state where everyone seems to dump their ETH, their are some believers who still believe Ethereum is the queen of Cryptocurrency world.

Stating in a recent tweet, Blockonix, a Decentralized exchange says that the current market action is only wiping out the wrong players.



What are Ethereum’s Advantages?

1. Ethereum will always hold the first mover advantage. It is the most widespread platform for tokenization and has a strong community behind it.

2. Other projects claiming to be “better” than ethereum, are not 100% live yet. Although NEO and EOS are very close competitors for ethereum.

3. Ethereum might just jump back to a good price and the token can increase in price due to its demand.


What do you think about Ethereum? Do you think its dead? Comment below.


John Mcafee: Trust only Decentralized Exchanges



Decentralized exchanges (DEX) will before long gain the core of the cryptocurrency network with parts jettisoning centralized exchanges.

John McAfee, the security master turn cryptocurrency devotee, who is accepted to have the precious stone ball for his correct expectations in the cryptocurrency showcase as he would like to think says that decentralized exchanges (DEX) will before long gain the core of the cryptocurrency network with parts jettisoning centralized exchanges. This he says will drive them to shut down.


Decentralization Over Centralization

His most recent assessment is joining that of Ethereum’s prime supporter, Vitalik Buterin who remarked around two months back, saying he “certainly trusts centralized exchanges go consume in damnation however much as could be expected.”

Despite the fact that McAfee’s reasons are somewhat not quite the same as that of Vitalik’s, McAfee trusts the following five years would convey decentralized exchanges to the spotlight, pursuing centralized exchanges to annihilation.

In his view, the world will grasp cryptocurrencies and blockchain due to its “permissionless characteristics.” Citing a case between two gatherings in a money related exchange, he says in the present budgetary framework, the experts could put a stop to such exchange. Same goes for centralized exchanges as he says they could end up deceptive, utilizing clients assets voluntarily, solidifying people assets, or closing down completely without being followed.

With blockchain, he says holds “confirmation of reality”; record of truth. Furthermore, notwithstanding when something occurs, it’s anything but difficult to spot if it’s actual or not which by and by is impossible with centralized exchanges.

Prompting the crypto network, he says all everybody needs is “presence of mind,” which will make everybody understand that centralized exchanges cause more mischief than anything to the vision of cryptocurrency and decentralization.


Blockonix – A 100% contract based DEX

Blockonix is based on the Ethereum platform and completely run by a collection of smart contracts. The users of Blockonix have the facility to trade cryptocurrencies of their choice without the intervention or control of any of the developers or the team members of the exchange. In simple words, the user is the only person who is in the complete control of his funds. Privacy is one of the major concern and is not at all compromised in case of Blockonix. The whole system runs on the Distributed Smart contract environment.


0.03% Transaction Fee on Blockonix

You read it right. Trading fee on Blockonix is only 0.03%. This fee is collected in Ether or BDT, apart from the gas price. This collected Ether or BDT is not the exchange’s profit. Rather 100% of the fee collected is used to buy back and burn BDT, decreasing the total supply of the native token, whose use is to avail 70% discount on the trading fee on Blockonix.


What do you think about decentralized exchanges? Let us know in the comments section below.

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LaToken Exchange confirms listing of BDT (Blockonix Token) for trading.



The native token of Blockonix would now be available for trading on the LaToken exchange.  


The process of Crypto trading is not as easy as it seems, and the traders who are in their natal stages in the cryptocurrency trading would have to experience losses. But some of the long-term investment can reap gains of up to 100x or even 400x sometimes. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, NEO, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple are the cryptocurrencies which fall into this category and have increased their return on investment by a number of folds within the past few years. There are also a set of cryptocurrencies which are available currently, which have amazing use cases and would dominate the market in future. Let’s read about BDT tokens and the latest listing of BDT token on LaToken Exchange.


The BDT Token

BDT Token is one such cryptocurrency token which can be considered worth investing in, as it is the native token of the most decentralized and secure blockchain exchange in the crypto domain, Blockonix. The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange predominantly is vested with the trading of the hundreds of Ethereum based tokens, with a very nominal fee of about 0.1%. The transaction fees are collected in the form of Ether and which are in turn exchanged with the BDT Tokens, the resulting BDT Tokens are then permanently destroyed, by sending them to a burn address. This would automatically create a scarcity of the BDT Tokens which would indirectly result in the increase in its value.


Further advantages of BDT Tokens

In addition to the very low transaction fee, an added advantage is availed by the users, if they choose to use the native BDT Tokens in order to undertake the trading operations on Blockonix. 70% discount will be offered on the transaction fees. It is worth noting down that the fees, that would be collected would, in turn, be utilized for the development of the community and the blockchain platform and not for a lavish personal use. The low transaction fees are enough to maintain the system, as security is incorporated intelligently through its decentralized nature. BDT Tokens are highly popular and are in demand, and is to be listed on some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges across the world.


The LaToken Exchange

The LaToken Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange which provides a world-class facility, in order to initiate the cryptocurrency trading, as well as investing processes. It is one of the world’s first decentralized Blockchain platform which has incorporated the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology. The incorporation of such technology has enabled it to support trading volumes of up to 100,000. The cryptocurrency exchange has a 0% transaction fee on all its transactions, with over more than 50 cryptocurrency pairs available. Some of the most popular pairs are RDN/LA, ETH/LA, VEN/LA, ETH/POWR, AION/RDN, SNT/LA, WTC/LA, and more.


The LaToken Exchange to list the BDT Tokens

According to the latest tweet by LaToken Exchange:


The LaToken exchange would be listing the BDT tokens, as one among its trading pairs. This would be a great achievement in the cryptocurrency space as two of the most prominent exchange cryptocurrencies, would be working together for the betterment of the Crypto community as a whole. According to the claims made by the Latoken exchange, almost 99.5% of the cryptocurrency funds are stored in the multi-signature cold wallets. Also, security is one of the most prominent concerns of the team members as they have incorporated the two-factor authentication process for the withdrawal of funds. Also, the private keys are highly secured with the AES-256 algorithm.


Closing thoughts

The listing of BDT Tokens on the LaToken exchange must not be missed and must be made a great use of, as it would be a rare opportunity for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts to find some of the best exchanges working together. The decentralized form of exchange such as Blockonix is the best as there is a very low risk of vulnerability. Therefore, the decentralized exchanges are the future of the cryptocurrencies and even most of the cryptocurrency professionals have expressed their disregards with respect to them.

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Free Coin/Token Listing on Exchange



Decentralized Exchange offering Free Token Listing. DEX, Blockonix announced on Twitter that it will be listing ERC20 Coins/Tokens for free on its exchange.

Decentralized Exchange offering Free Token Listing

DEX, Blockonix announced on Twitter that it will be listing ERC20 Coins/Tokens for free on its exchange.


The move is expected to raise the number of users on the exchange as well as help new innovative projects to get their tokens listed easily.


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