Ethereum is Looking like a Mega Pump & Dump Scam

$200 could have been a good support for ethereum, if it had stayed there, but it broke down. The next support level can be $150, but looking at ICO selloff of $30 million and keeping in mind that $600 million are still pending for selloff, we are very bearish on Ethereum and looking at the next level of $53.

Vitalik Buterin says Ethereum Sucks

Responding to the article from Techncrunch that said “The collapse of ETH is inevitable”, Vitalik agreed on his post on Reddit on aspects of this article.

Vitalik even said that the days of Cryptocurrency markets (in short Ethereum) are now history.

Buy ETH at $53

What we suggest is buy ETH at the range of $45 – $55, when it tests its $53 level.

Cryptocurrency investments are subject to risks and you should do your own research before taking any decision. The above is only the views of the writer and is not in any way an investment advise.

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