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Ethereum price forecast: ETH lays the groundwork for a surge above $1,500

ETH is still aiming for a retest of the $1,400 barrier despite a modest dip that is now taking place.

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When it broke over the $1,195 barrier mark, the price of ethereum displayed amazing vigor. ETH is still aiming for a retest of the $1,400 barrier despite a modest dip that is now taking place.

The Ups and Downs

The bullish thesis for the smart-contract token will be invalidated if the daily candlestick closes below the swing low at $1,151 set on November 28. The previous few days have seen tremendous price performance for Ethereum as it overcame significant obstacles. The fact that this rise occurred when Bitcoin was stabilizing suggests that ETH purchasers are fundamentally strong. Future ideas regarding the pricing of Ethereum. Since the price of Ethereum created a buy signal on November 22, it has not turned around.

This trend reversal has led to an ETH (1) that has moved buy-stop liquidity over $1,290, thanks to a 15% rise. There is now a retracement, but it is insignificant. As long as the price of ethereum remains over $1,195, interested investors should try to purchase the dip. In such a scenario, ETH may reach equal highs at $1,350 after a stabilization period and a surge in purchasing pressure.

What impacts would this have on the price?

This drive may exhaust the positive momentum, but ideally, Ethereum's price might rise to the psychological threshold of $1,400. At this point, traders may take partial profits and end the day. From a mid-to-long-term perspective, however, Bitcoin price appears solid; as a result, it is doubtful that Ethereum price would halt its ascent at the psychological obstacle.

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The rational location to The $1,545 barrier retest would yield book profits for ETH long positions. This move would represent a 30% increase from $1,195 and might signify the creation of a transient top. While the price of Ethereum is improving, a surge in selling pressure might cause ETH to decline, particularly if the price of Bitcoin does not stop experiencing selling pressure. The bullish trend for the smart-contract token will become invalidated if the price of Ethereum achieves a daily candlestick close below the swing low of $1,151. A situation like this might cause ETH to drop 7% and retest the $1,073 support level. (2)