Ethereum Price Analysis: No support level before $53, ETH expected to crash between $40 and $60

Market Bias: Strong Bearish
Strong Resistance Levels: $115, $120
Strong Support Levels: $53, $40


In the worst hit since 14 Months, the entire cryptocurrency industry got wiped out of $50+ Billion in a single week, bringing the total market cap to 120 Billion.

ETH is down 38.6% in the last 7 days according to CoinGecko, and currently trading at $107.99


Taking a look at the historic charts for ETH, it seems there is no historic support level between $120 and $53 for ETH, which might bring ETH back to its levels between $40 and $60.

In January 2017, ETH was trading around $10, which is a fact most ETH holders are not aware of. ETH rallied from $40-$60 range to $120 in less than 2 days in April 2017 with no resistance in between.


Next Support Level: $53

Further Support Level: $40

Worst Case Support Level: $15


As cryptocurrency markets are crashing, ETH might experience its worst hit and Top 50 ICO still hold a considerable amount of ETH and will have to sell their holdings in order to run their daily operations.

What do you think about ETH price? Are you a HOLDer :D? Comment below.

Janet F. Sanchez
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