Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH falling towards 100 dollars?


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MACD – Back in the bearish zone.

RSI – Moving lower towards the 20 level.

Support Level – $110

Resistance Level – $130


Key Points

  • ETH price neglected to move over the $135 and $136 levels against the US Dollar.
  • There is another key bearish pattern line-shaped with resistance at $127 on the hourly diagram of ETH/USD.
  • The pair is as of now under strain and it could quicken decays underneath the $120 level.

Ethereum price is confronted a crisp round of offering against the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH/USD broke the $120 low and it could quicken further misfortunes.


Ethereum Price Analysis

Recently, we saw a minor upside revision in ETH price from the $122 support against the US Dollar. The ETH/USD pair adjusted over the $130 and $132 levels. The price likewise moved over the half Lie retracement dimension of the last slide from the $145 high to $121 swing low. Be that as it may, the upside, the move was topped by the $135 a $136 resistance levels.

Purchasers additionally neglected to break the 61.8% Lie retracement dimension of the last slide from the $145 high to $121 swing low. Additionally, there is another key bearish pattern line-shaped with resistance at $127 on the hourly outline of ETH/USD. Obviously, the pair neglected to pick up force over the $136 level and declined. The ongoing drawback move was with the end goal that the price broke the $124 and $122 support levels. All the more essentially, the price exchanged to new yearly low beneath $120. It appears as though dealers are back and they could push the price further lower towards the $115 or $110 levels in the close term.


ETHUSD 1 day chart
ETHUSD 1 day chart


ETH price likely finished a transient revision from the $122 support. It neglected to pick up pace above key resistances close $136 and $140, bringing about a crisp decrease. Purchasers should be watchful thinking about the current market feeling and break beneath $120.

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