Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork: Major Upcoming Changes

Ethereum developers have confirmed six different code changes in the next Hard Fork Istanbul. This Hard Fork will be activated in two stages, in the first phase will include the integration of all six updated codes which are referred to as  Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). These upgrades are scheduled to be launched in October of this year.

The second phase in which activation of mainnet is scheduled somewhere in the first quarter of next year, this will include further deliberation of EIPS by Ehtereum core developers. And it will also include a change in the mining algorithm with the addition of programmatic proof-of-work.

According to one of the Ethereum’s core developer Péter Szilágyi, they can ship the first phase changes within two or three weeks. But the second phase includes significant changes in protocol that can not be adequately done in a short time span.

Ethereum Istanbul can protect against Reply Attacks

Péter Szilágyi, Developer at Ethereum

The first part of Ethereum Istanbul will conclude the eighth Hard Fork of the blockchain. The original date for ‘Istanbul’s testnet activation on Ethereum was the last 14th August, but the date got pushed back in order to give more time to developers to finalize EIPs list for the phase of Istanbul. Many reports suggest that these updates on the blockchain will improve the smart contract platform’s chain interoperability with privacy-focused crypto Zcash. It would also be able to protect against reply attacks by enhancing the overall strength of the blockchain.

Péter Szilágyi also informed the blockchain community that developers working on Ethereum clients Geth and Parity have one week to add all six EIPs into the software. He also said that hard fork activation on Ropsten is scheduled on 4th September but might be delayed again.

Hudson Jameson, Ethereum Foundation community manager, said that when it comes to doing Hard Fork on the mainnet, security and stability are primary concerns. He also mentioned that the release of testnet is vital in order to make mainnet release smooth.

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