Ethereum Hard Fork: Constantinople coming in January

The much-awaited Ethereum hard fork, Constantinople has been agreed at block 7,080,000 by the core developers of Ethereum at a meeting on 7th December 2018.

The Ethereum hard fork Constantinople was scheduled for the current year but was delayed for January next year due to consensus issue that occurred in October this year through the course of the upgrade trial on Ropsten testnet.

According to the analysis through by ETH block time, the fork will most likely occur on 14th January 2019 considering the block time of 14.3 seconds.


Ethereum Hard Fork: Constantinople

The Constantinople fork is surrounded by 5 improvement plans for Ethereum for alleviating the transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake consensus algo. Once the fork is initiated it will basically change the Ethereum Blockchain with synchronous nodes upgrade to the whole system.

Ethereum is being criticized for the long delays in the release of updates in the technology by the community. According to many community members, other blockchains are taking over Ethereum due to the slow progress and hence, people are moving towards other new blockchains such as Stellar and Tron.


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