ETH has no bulls anymore. Is the price heading back to $53?

Not far-removed from near 1% of all ethereum’s supply is presently wagering long or short on only one exchange as it shows up bulls and bears have pronounced a war of sorts.


Largest Ethereum Shorting ever!

◊264,000 eth bears are wagering short at the present time. Making it the largest amount of shorts at any point seen by eth, with about ◊50,000 included just in the previous 24 hours.

As bear seethe ascends the stairs, bulls are heaping up on ammunition, with green candles achieving the stratosphere, putting Musk and his Mars mission to disgrace.

An unbelievable ◊414,000 longs were waving the banner before ◊70,000 of them surrendered. For the individuals who by one means or another lost their way to these pages, that implies 70,000 eth was sold by longs shutting or getting edge called.


Ethereum Bulls have given up hopes?

However bulls in seethe hopped by ◊50,000 since yesterday, at that point surrendered ◊30,000 in maybe advertise offering amid the previous couple of hours as ethereum tests its as of late retaken $200.

Grandpa bitcoin might be to be faulted. Indeed, even as eth sets up a battle with its state of mind flawless, crotchety turtle running terrified of that accursed gox once more.

From the grave gox so ascends to continue frequenting little ₿ orange with the goal that they can state again gracious the goxing will never end.

Close to unequaled high bitcoin stands, however in shorts it is this time not in prices, as bear wagers twofold with more than $100 million worth of bitcoin included this September.

Ok, obviously, CBOE futures lapse inside 24 hours. Money Street traps to their own particular old diversion once more, short before the expiry, long a while later, rehash and ???benefit.

Maybe some arrangement in their little desk areas. Indeed, Alex Jones our most current columnist. Everybody wearing tinfoil caps now at Trustnodes’ central command.

It is presumably more evident anyway than goxers all of a sudden offering as once huge mob the coins they’ve all most likely discounted and don’t yet have. Furthermore, if even in this manner, what that needs to do with eth?

Nothing. Traders’ diversions. They can appreciate them until stake with bacon, and afterward even Wall Street can return where it originated from.


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