ErisX Announces Spot Market Exchange, CoinMarketCap making data transparent

ErisX to launch Spot Market Exchange:

The US-based cryptocurrency exchange ErisX has officially announced the public launch of its spot market exchange with USD markets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. The ErisX spot exchange is just the first part of a platform that will make available both spot price cryptocurrency trading and a regulated futures exchange.


ErisX is one of the main players which right now is trying to get the CFTC to approve its bitcoin futures contracts. ErisX, like the other major players, have been sitting around waiting for a very long time for approval of its bitcoin futures products. It will also be launching a cryptocurrency clearinghouse.


Also worth remembering is that ErisX is backed by Nasdaq Ventures & Fidelity and is gearing up to be a very big cryptocurrency player.


CoinMarketCap to Make Crypto Market Price Data More Transparent:

CoinMarketCap has announced that it will be working with the major cryptocurrency exchanges on an initiative to try and make the cryptocurrency market price data much more transparent than it currently is.


This is a problem that has been well documented by recent reports for example from Bitwise and others. The alliance includes Binance, Bittrex, OkeX, Huobi, Liquid, Upbit, KuCoin, HitBTC,, OceanX and Bitfinex who will be providing insights on how to increase transparency in the industry.


CoinMarketCap is also demanding that all cryptocurrency exchanges which are featured on CoinMarketCap must provide live trading data and live order book data. Any exchange which doesn’t comply with that within the next 40 days will be delisted from the adjust volume section.



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