The Ethereum Killer: EOS, Price analysis 2018


EOS Price Prediction for 2018 & beyond


From the day one, of the initiation of the Ethereum community, the Blockchain platform witnessed a widespread adoption and a worldwide fame. The architectural concept of the Smart Contract is very powerful, as it effectively eliminates all the brokers and their associated troubles. It effectively incentivizes along with enforcing a particular agreement between two or more parties.  The trust issues can easily be overcome by the use of smart contracts instead of legal agreements. It is well known that the legal procedures are very tiring in case of any kind of betrayal, but the smart contract makes sure that there is no such activity of backstabbing under its domain. Therefore, the smart contract has indirectly led to the popularity and success of Ethereum Blockchain, following which many other smart contract based blockchain networks are initiated.


The EOS blockchain platform

EOS is one such Blockchain platform which was developed, followed by Ethereum and has also gained much more popular than it. Even the EOS blockchain platform, provides an environment in order to run the smart contracts as well as Decentralized applications. It even provides a high amount of scalability, to the overall network, as it incorporates the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. It is worth mentioning that the fundamental architecture of the Ethereum, as well as the EOS blockchain platform, is very similar to each other, but there is also a thin line between them which creates the difference in its adoption.


The EOS price prediction

The EOS blockchain platform is to experience a bullish momentum in its prices in the cryptocurrency market, as it inherently works on the drawbacks of the Ethereum Blockchain and also to democratize the usage of smart contracts as well as the Decentralized Applications throughout the world. The EOS price prediction for the year 2018, seems to be very futuristic as it effectively overcomes the congestion and the drawbacks of the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, according to the EOS price predictions, the investors are waiting for the right opportunity to initiate their investments in the project.  


EOS consensus mechanism

Also when it comes to the concept of decentralization, the EOS blockchain platform effectively incorporates the Delegated Proof Of Stake algorithm. Whereas the Ethereum blockchain has just shifted from the Proof of Work to Proof of Stake algorithm. In case of EOS, the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm supports the EOS price predictions to be super positive, as there are dedicated delegates which take part in the process of transactional confirmations. The Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm allows the EOS blockchain platforms, to have 21 equal priority delegates, which take part in the transactional confirmation, therefore creating a stability in the market.


Further Insights

According to experts, it is estimated that the scalability can reach up to 100,000 transactions per second. Also, the transaction fees are kept under control due to the parallel scalability along with the nonexistent transaction fee. The organization, which is the base for the EOS blockchain platform, provides an amazing support which has indirectly resulted in the EOS price predictions to reach the skies. Also, the EOS price prediction would gain acceleration, if the people change their frame of reference from Ethereum to EOS Blockchain platform, in order to develop and maintain decentralized applications.


The ultra-supportive EOS community

The EOS community has been very supportive when it comes to the EOS blockchain platform, and it is estimated that during the opening phase of the Initial Coin Offering, the blockchain platform raised huge amounts of funds that no other cryptocurrency project has managed to raise. In a nutshell, the entire initial coin offering raised almost $4 billion and is under constant speculation for this reason. The professionals speculate that the EOS cryptocurrency doesn’t inherently need so many funds.


Closing remarks

The EOS prices are undoubtedly set to rise as the developmental team along with the founder are highly experienced in nature and also have been known to deliver their promises in a very consistent manner. According to Coinmarketcap, $5.20 is the current price of the EOS tokens, also the future EOS price predictions are set at the $13 and $21 levels and then the rates would be flat without much fluctuation for a long term. Therefore the investors can obviously look forward to investing in the EOS blockchain platform as the EOS price prediction is super positive.



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