Electroneum Cryptocurrency Explained. How to buy Electroneum?

Comprehending how to buy Electroneum from some of the most reliable sources?

Opening thoughts

Decentralization of the financial economy was one of the most revolutionary ideas of this century, which was put forth before the world by Satoshi Nakamoto, in the year 2009, when he proposed an electronic peer-to-peer cash system and named it as Bitcoin. Bitcoin gained widespread acceptance by the people throughout the world, as they were high and satisfied with the centralized form of financial economy. Bitcoin was not the ultimate cryptocurrency, further developments were made and the researchers in the field came forward with much better cryptocurrencies in order to maintain the sanity of decentralization within the cryptocurrency domain.


Introduction to the mobile-based cryptocurrency

Electroneum is one such cryptocurrency developed and people are going bananas in order to decipher how to buy Electroneum? as it offers amazing decentralization capabilities where special attention is paid to the mining process and is a main domain of concern. Due to the intuitive Cryptonote protocol, incorporated by the Electroneum cryptocurrency, effective mining decentralization is obtained as they can be mined on any normal CPU or GPU seamlessly. Security is bought into the picture through this paradigm and it was self-evident from the case of Bitcoin that, most of the Chinese mining pools dominated the Bitcoin mining industry which is highly insecure for the overall Blockchain community.  


Welcome to the world’s first mobile-based cryptocurrency mining

The Electroneum cryptocurrency is also nicknamed as the ‘mobile cryptocurrency’ as its intuitive Cryptonote algorithm enables the miners to carry out their operation through a mobile-based application available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, one must not ask how to buy Electroneum, when they are easily able to mine them. On 5th March 2018, the mobile-based Electroneum miner was unveiled by the organization. The cryptocurrency project is so future that it plans to achieve an instant payment system along with launching a gig economy website by the end of 2018.


How to buy Electroneum?

The Electroneum cryptocurrency can be bought through some of the most popular exchanges like CoinBene, KuCoin, BITbns, Cryptopia, Cryptohub, Qryptos, etc. Another easy answer for how to buy Electroneum is to start off with the mining process through its mobile-based application.

It is worth mentioning that the cryptocurrency coin is the only one among its kind to initiate the mobile-based mining. It uses the same protocol as the cryptocurrency Monero uses, in order to invoke some kind of privacy within its Blockchain Network. However, KuCoin is the most preferred cryptocurrency exchange because it has the lowest trading fee, but the users cannot deposit their Fiat currency and have to look out for other cryptocurrency Exchanges in order to buy Electroneum.


Privacy is the major concern for Electroneum

One of the main goals of the cryptocurrency project is to develop a mobile-based game, where the users can buy or sell their Electroneum tokens between each other. But due to the high competition in this domain, the team members feel the pressure of gaining mass adoption by the gaming community. The cryptocurrency coin gives a head to head competition with the privacy-focused coins like Monero and Verge.



Due to the ability of the cryptocurrency coin to be mined through mobile and storing it in the mobile itself has attracted a lot of speculations from the various cryptocurrency experts from all over the world. However, the main goal of the cryptocurrency project is to gain mass acceptance by the people, all over the world, which, by the way, most of the prominent cryptocurrency coins are already struggling to attain.  When it comes to the mobile-based application, according to estimates, only 1.9% of the users make the in-app purchases. Therefore, this initiative in the mobile field seems to become a liability rather than an investment for the cryptocurrency.

How to buy Electroneum to invest in it?

Investing in the Electroneum project seems to be highly promising as the team members have been able to constantly fulfill their promises and also the roadmap looks pretty awesome. Thanks to the mobile-based mining facility provided by the cryptocurrency team members which has created a spark within the mobile users in order to get a feel for the cryptocurrency space.



  1. Did you do any research before writing that? It can’t be mined on CPU or GPU because it’s no longer ASIC resistant. It’s not a privacy coin because they stripped those Monero-sourced features ages ago. And you didn’t even answer your own question on which the article was based – ‘how to buy Electroneum’. I guess this is cryptocurrency after all so anyone can be an expert and anyone can be journalist. This is shockingly and embarrassingly bad…

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