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dYdX Blocks Accounts Linked To Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash, often known in the crypto money industry for news of attacks and fraud, has recently received a hard blow from the US Treasury Department. While the Ministry imposed sanctions by adding Tornado Cash to the backlist, many companies followed his practice.

Finally, dYdX also confirmed that it had blocked accounts linked to Tornado Cash.

Tornado Cash Enforcement From dYdX

We recently shared with you that the US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on Tornado Cash. After this development, the first step came from stablecoin Circle; then, we saw similar steps from Infura and Alchemy. These decisions, which were taken after Tornado Cash came to the fore with illegal activities, continue to create a domino effect.

Finally, cryptocurrency exchange dYdX confirmed that it had blocked accounts associated with Tornado Cash. However, the exchange also noted that some Tornado Cash accounts might not be intentionally associated with Tornado Cash. It stated that they approached this point with sensitivity.