Donald Trump: Yes we doubt he is the real Satoshi, 10 Doubtfull Satoshi Nakamoto List

Exploring all the possibilities for Satoshi Nakamoto – Yes we doubt Donald Trump!


Why would one choose to be anonymous?

Every innovation on this planet has an inventor. All the Crypto projects developed until date have some of the other points of origin, but Bitcoin is the odd one out, which is developed by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, but he has chosen to go anonymous. Anonymous to such an extent, that one cannot imagine. Who would prefer turning down the opportunity of becoming world famous, for their inventions? There must be self-evident reasons for him to go underground. It is jaw dropping to know that the founder of the multi-million dollar industry which is extensively leaving behind the financial market is missing. It is peace in hiding your identity when you own 1 million Bitcoins.

Don’t you think that anonymity has its own set of advantages over the political turmoil in the financial domain? Nevertheless, below are a few prominent figures in the industry, who might be the unsung hero of the Crypto domain.



Yes, you read that right. One of the most controversial organizations of the USA, who’s reason for formation regarded as one of the most controversial ones, in the history. Development of such a fantastic cryptocurrency can be related to the CIA, as most of their operations are undercover.


Hal Finney

Being one of the closest to Satoshi Nakamoto, he has even received the original Bitcoin white paper, directly from Nakamoto himself. The former cryptographer was the only person who had received the first transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto, which has led to speculations of him being Nakamoto itself. The experts have even found out that, his handwriting matches with that of Satoshi Nakamoto.


Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi, and Motorola

Compare the first few letters of each of the companies listed above. Do they have a hidden SaToshi NakaMoto within them? Yes, you got that right! Even though there is no substantial evidence to support the conjecture, according to experts, these major business operations have collaboratively developed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, to revolutionize the corrupted financial system.


Donald Trump

The president of United States of America would have masterminded the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, as a part of his political propaganda, that he probably knew, he would be instigating in future. His ambitious project, of making America great again, might be supported by the development of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, mainly concentrated in the countries of America.


Craig Steven Wright

The most famous Australian computer scientist and a cryptocurrency enthusiast willingly had claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, before BBC. But when the media requested for respective supporting pieces of evidence, Steven was unable to eventually provide them with shreds of evidence. But even his identity is very closely related to that of the anonymous Bitcoin developer.


A Russian or Chinese agent

You would undoubtedly have seen the 007 movie series, where the most famous James Bond, undertakes secret missions to achieve specific goals. The same goes with Satoshi Nakamoto, where he is speculated to be a Chinese or a Russian agent, who is disrupting the world economy through the invention of Bitcoin, in particular, the financial economy of America.


Elon Musk

One of the greatest entrepreneurs and visionary of today’s generation, who has successfully been leading many ambitious projects like Tesla, SpaceX, etc is also doubted to be Satoshi Nakamoto might be bringing a revolution in the financial world, as it is a robust and risky decision and we all know that Elon Musk is a man of making risky choices.


Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto

Entailing Satoshi Nakamoto within his name, Dorian is highly speculated to be the Bitcoin creator as he is originally from Japan. Even though he has been denied all such assumptions, the experts firmly believe him to be the one.


An agent of Illuminati

Not many people know that the financial operations of the entire world are controlled only by few of the elite societies. Satoshi Nakamoto might be one of them, who are well known to manipulate influential figures from various domains across the world to control the behavior of people. The most famous Eminem, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and many other famous artists are speculated to be a part of Illuminati. With the development of Bitcoin, the Illuminati can gain control over the global economy.


A British or Japanese

According to his way of writing expressed on his Bitcoin white paper, Satoshi Nakamoto is related mostly to the British origin. Therefore the speculation of him being a Japanese is eradicated.



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