Digibyte Price Prediction 2020, 2025, 2018

The brainchild of the entrepreneur and programmer Jared Tate, DigiByte, is a blockchain and cryptocurrency project that has taken over the market of altcoins by a storm. The coin is growing and performing better than other cryptocurrencies.


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1. Introduction

2. What is DigiByte (DGB)?

3. DigiByte (DGB) Price Prediction by market

4. Coinnounce’s DigitByte Price Prediction

  • DigiByte Price Prediction 2020
  • DigiByte Price Prediction 2025
  • DigiByte Price Prediction 2018

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Jared Tate and his team of dev developers in 2013, started working on a project to launch a decentralized global blockchain and an open-source cryptocurrency on the blockchain. After intense planning and implementation, they named their project DigiByte, and in January 2014, the first block for the platform was mined.

The reason behind launching this platform was that the programmer and entrepreneur, Jared Tate wanted to build a community of virtual currency users across the world who would use real-time transactions. The platform is based on Bitcoin, but it is an improved version of the code, which includes an improved block time and security.

Note: DigiByte is the first cryptocurrency that used the blockchain for the first time to fork from a single PoW algorithm to multi-algorithm mining.

Currently, trading at $0.007829 with strong resistance at $0.007850 and immediate support at $0.007810 DGB is moving upwards in the charts. With a market cap of $86,070,392, DigiByte is currently sitting on the 52nd position in the charts of top cryptos based on their market capitalization. In the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has seen a growth of 2.08%.


What is DigiByte (DGB)?

Founded in 2014, DigiByte is an open-source cryptocurrency and a global blockchain platform sharing the same name, which was developed to help people. The aim behind creating this blockchain and cryptocurrency was to help people get over the problems that were faced by them with Bitcoin.

The aim was to create a fast and secure cryptocurrency with a broader audience. The advantages of DigiByte are:

  • improved functionality on the platform
  • a 15 second block time as compared to 10 minutes block time of Bitcoin
  • improved security for the users
  • multi-step approval for transactions between users

The number of transactions in the system increases every two years, with the current transaction rate being 560 per second. The maximum capability of 280,000 transactions per second will reach by 2035. A few days ago, DigiByte combined its working with blockchain-based travel booking firm, Travala. Apart from this, blockchain-based platform, Bidali has listed DGB as a form of payment currency.


DigiByte Price (DGB) Prediction by market

1. WalletInvestor

WalletInvestor has predicted that DGB will maintain a neutral trend in the market, with the DigiByte price reaching $0.0783 in the coming years.


2. Crypto Gunther

According to the cryptoanalyst, Crypto Gunther, the DigiByte price will launch towards the sky as it can reach $20 by 2020. This prediction is very optimistic and unrealistic as compared to other predictions.


3. Digital Coin Price

This price prediction platform has predicted that the price for DGB might reach $0.04436 by 2019, and by 2025, it will reach $0.1145. This approach looks sensible and safe.


4. CoinFan

Prediction made by CoinFan says that the price will reach reasonably bullish levels of $0.01725 and $0.03275. These look pretty realistic and achievable in a year.


5. Coin Liker

Coin Liker has predicted that by the end of 2019, DGB price might reach $1, and in another five years, the price can touch the $3.50 levels.


Coinnounce’s DigiByte Price Prediction

A community that is increasing every day and releasing services like Digi-ID and DigiAssets, DigiByte is working towards a better future and support for the community. These developments in the system indicate an upcoming rise in the price.


DigiByte Price Prediction 2020

With the year ending with a slight growth but an overall decline, DigiByte price is predicted to reach the $0.15 mark by the year 2020. The rate of adoption of the currency is increasing as it continues to move upwards in the charts.

2020 will be a pivotal year for cryptocurrency as if the price keeps increasing; it can reach a significant breakthrough point of $0.3 by the end of the year.

Note: DigiByte Blockchain and currency in the past five years have released six new platforms. These are DigiByte Gaming, DigiByte Market, DiguSign, Digi-ID, DigiHash, and DigibyteTip.


DigiByte Price Prediction 2025

After witnessing an increase in the trade levels in the past 24 hours and over a few days, it can be said that the demand for this cryptocurrency is increasing slowly.

Our team of analysts has predicted that if there are peace and harmony between the governments and the crypto community, the price for DGB can effortlessly reach the levels of $0.5-$0.8 by 2025.

Note: In 2015, several shopkeepers from the Netherlands decided to start using DigiByte as a payment method for manufacturers in Hong Kong.


DigiByte Price Prediction 2018

Launched five years ago, DigiByte has undoubtedly grown over the years by making its place in the top 100 cryptocurrencies list. With the peak price of $0.04985 in 2018, DigiByte was doing pretty well for itself.

In 2018, the price was predicted to reach the $5-$10 levels, but despite its growth, the price couldn’t touch those marks predicted by analysts and people.

Note: The blockchain is secured by almost 285,000 nodes that are spread worldwide and work on the cryptographic hashing algorithm. This makes the platform genuinely un-hackable.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many DigiByte Coins are there?

With a maximum supply of 21 billion coins, currently, 12.4 billion coins are circulating in the market.


2. Can we mine DigiByte Coins?

Yes, DigiByte Coins mining is possible, and this can be carried out using the user’s CPU and GPU on their computer.


3. Is DigiByte a good investment?

DigiByte is a low-price altcoin which over the years, has proved its potential in the market. For beginners, altcoins are the best way to start crypto investing, and DGB is one of the best altcoins for 2019.



Accurate prediction of the price of any cryptocurrency is a tough task as the market is fluctuating, and the trends keep changing. However, the recent boom in the popularity of the altcoin indicates that it has a good future in the market, and it might reach higher in a few years.

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