Delist Bitcoin SV movement continues: Kraken, Bitforex onboard

After Binance, Kraken has confirmed that it will be delisting the Bitcoin SV after running on a poll on twitter. It all started with Binance announcing that it is going to delist Bitcoin SV from its exchange on 22nd April stating that it no longer meets the standards of the exchange.


Kraken Delisting Bitcoin SV

Kaken ran a poll on twitter in which more than 70% of the people have voted against BSV and stated that it should be delisted from the exchange.

Soon after the poll ended Kraken, cryptocurrency exchange posted a tweet recently stating that it is going to delist the BSV coin soon from the exchange:

Bitforex looks to be delisting BSV soon:

The Bitforex exchange also looks to be following other industry giants in delisting the Bitcoin SV from their respective platforms. Bitforex is currently running a poll with those in favor of delisting BSV in the lead at the moment.

Currently, more than 57% of people are in favor of delisting BSV from Bitforex.


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