Crypto company DeFiner cancels a 10-city tour due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Coronavirus outbreak has started affecting businesses in China. Jason Wu, the CEO of DeFiner, had to cancel a 10-city tour to talk to potential clients because of the virus epidemic.


The CEO and founder of non-custodial crypto lender DeFiner, Jason Wu, told Coindesk that they had planned a 10-city tour to talk with potential clients in China. He said that nobody wants to attend any crypto-related conferences or any meetings because of the Coronavirus.


Coronavirus could have an impact on market.

Professionals like Jason Wu are concerned about the potential disruption and impact on prices because of the Coronavirus. So far, 2,000 cases have been confirmed in China alone and 5 in the United States. More than 200 people have died because of Coronavirus, and cases have been confirmed in other Asian countries. Wu said that the market might take a heavy blow if the money stops flowing into these crypto asset classes as it usually did before.


Binance donates $1.5 million to victims.

Earlier, the CEO of one of the world’s leading crypto exchange Binance revealed that they had donated 10 million RMB ($1.5 million) to the Coronavirus victims. The Chinese authorities have extended the new year holidays to help Coronavirus from spreading. According to the CNN report, China’s health minister Ma Xiaowei said that people could spread the virus before they could become symptomatic. This makes it really challenging for doctors to contain the outbreak.

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