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Decentralized Exchange, launches this week

Blockonix bitindia
Formerly known as Bitindia, the cryptocurrency exchange platform Blockonix

Decentralized Exchange, launches this week

The Malta-based decentralized exchange,, is set to launch this week. A tweet on the official twitter account confirms the same.

Blockonix was initially set to launch in India, but due to RBI’s intervention on Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges, it decided to launch in an international jurisdiction that is more friendly to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Blockonix focuses on 100% decentralized trades that are contract-driven.


Blockonix is secure

Blockonix exchange does not hold your assets, does not hold your private keys and does not earn any profits. Yes, the exchange does not have any authority to hold or transfer your digital assets so the power remains in the user’s hands, as well as the security.

The exchange is built on the ERC-20 framework and aims to integrate inter-chain transactions in the future. Users are able to import their wallets and start using the platform.


User friendly interface

With most decentralized exchanges lacking user-friendlyness, Blockonix focuses on ease of use. The exchange will be the world’s first contract based exchange that uses all its trading fee earned to buy back its native BDT tokens.


All profits used for Buy-back

Blockonix is the world’s first exchange that literally earns nothing. The project is community driven and aims to utilize all earnings for the entire community. All trading fee that is collected is used 100% to buy back native BDT tokens that have a total supply of approximately 10 million only. The BDT tokes thus purchased are permanetly burned every day. This will not only keep limiting the total supply but will increase the value of the BDT tokens, that can be used to get a 70% discount on the trading fee on the platform. The exchange announced earlier that it will charge 5 ETH to list new tokens and this fee collected is also used to buy back BDT.

What do you think about the Blockonix platform and its concept? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Written by Coinnounce Team


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