Infamous Darknet website that sold credit cards gets hacked – Dark Web News

Darknet website BriansClub that sold information of stolen credit cards in exchange for bitcoin got hacked. The hacker stole the data from the website and shared it with concerned authorities to help them take corrective measures. BrainsClub had earned millions by selling credit card information on the Darknet.

BrainsClub, a well known Darknet website, got a taste of its medicine as a hacker, stole the information from the site, and gave it to concerned authorities. The data that the hacker stole belonged to 26 million debit and credit card owners. The details of these cards were shared with banks and other relevant financial authorities.

However, the Darkweb site is still up and running. The cybersecurity journalist Brian Kerb reported this hack. Kerb got an anonymous tip, where he received a plain text file containing what was claimed to be the full database of cards for sale, both currently and historically on the website.

According to the report, leaked data showed massive growth in BrainClubs’s business. In 2015, the website uploaded 1.7 million stolen cards, and in subsequent years they uploaded, the numbers went up. In 2019 BrainClubs uploaded 9.2 million stolen credit and debit cards. It is estimated that the website contains credit cards worth about $414 million. Kerb got in touch with the administrator of the BrainClubs, who confirmed that the hacker gained access to 26 million credit cards in a data center breach.

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