Dark Web: Is Your Identity Being Sold on the Dark Web?

If your identity is stolen, it is likely to be sold on the Dark Web. Millions of Americans’ identity has been stolen, check whether your information has been compromised on the dark web.

Identity theft occurs when a criminal steals your data and uses it himself or sells it to third parties – often on the Dark Web.

Your information can be sold in seconds on the Dark Web for almost nothing.


The Dark Web

Anyone can visit dark Web pages, but it is challenging to determine who is behind the pages.
People who operate in closed, totalitarian societies can use the Dark network to communicate with the outside world.
And given the recent revelations about the US and the UK government’s internet usage, it may be wise to take your communications to the Dark Web.
In March 2015, the British government launched a dedicated cybercrime unit aimed at tackling the Dark Web, with particular emphasis on cracking down on dangerous crime rings and child pornography.
Besides, Dark websites fall from time to time because of their Dark nature.

If you use TOR on the dark web for anything other than watching cute kitten photos, you should seriously think about your privacy and safety.

A so-called Hidden Wikipedia, known as the Hidden Wiki, offers some tips on dark web content, but it can contain illegal sites.
Since the Tor servers provide users and publishers with complete anonymity, there is no way to regulate or control the content, products, and services offered on the dark web.
There are people and things on the dark web that you will want to avoid.
Here are two examples of complex web content and actions that would raise legal concerns.



Today, Tor is a critical part of the dark web, as we will discuss below.
Tor is by far the most popular and easiest way to access the dark web, although it is possible through other secure browsers such as Freenet and the web design Invisible.
You can download Tor from the official Tor website and install it on your laptop or PC, after which you can upload a vast, dark web and browse.
Tor’s defenders point out that evil things have always been part of the internet, and many of its uses are perfectly legal in an age of massive government oversight.


Open Web & Dark Web

Tor itself is not a dark web, but it is a way of browsing both open and dark web, without the possibility of identifying or tracking user activity.
In many ways, the dangers of the dark web are the same as the risks you might encounter on the open internet.
However, there is evidence that criminals are more likely to interact with victims on the internet than on dark networks.

Here’s what most people think of the Dark Web: an electronic black market where everything is available.
Drugs, pistols and even rhinoceros are for sale on The Dark Web, but people still need to exchange goods physically, The Dark Web is undoubtedly much more dangerous when it comes to distributing illegal digital materials such as child pornography efficiently.

An examination of price differences in Dark Web markets compared to real or global prices has been tried and tested, as well as research into the quality of goods received on the Dark Web.
Distributed Denial of Service ( DRDoS ) attacks was also carried out by exploiting the Dark Web.
Several websites analyze and monitor deep web and dark web for threat information.


Dark Web & Deep Web

When people talk about “the Dark Web,” they can confuse the term with “Deep Web” – and vice versa.
When most people talk about the Dark Internet, the Black network, Dark Hyperspace, Deepnet, Clearnet or Shadow network, they usually speak about Dark networks – unless they are scientists.
Sharing peer-to-peer files ( also known as torrents ) helps users to transfer copyrighted material, such as music illegally, and file sharing hubs are beginning to appear on the Dark Web.



Although DuckDuckGo is designed to provide additional privacy and encryption during web searches, you should not think of it as a dark web version of Google.
Besides, corporate IT departments often browse the Dark Web in search of stolen data and compromised accounts, and individuals can use IT to search for signs of identity theft.
Also, WikiLeaks – the site that publishes classified official material – has a house on the Dark Web.


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