DAPRA looking to use blockchain for digital modernization of defense

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an advanced-technology branch of the U.S Department of Defense. The agency that helped in the creation of the Internet is now looking to improve Digital modernization strategy of the defense by experimenting with blockchain technology.

On 12th July, U.S Department of Defence released a document titled DoD Digital Modernization Strategy. DARPA is looking at how blockchain technology can be used to improve command, control, and communications of the defense to have an advantage in the modern battlespace.

Agency is looking to experiment with blockchain to create an efficient, robust, and secure communication platform which would be impossible for foreign forces to penetrate. According to the agency, the platform will be used in many different ways, including facilitating communication between units and headquarters and transmitting information between intelligence officers and the Pentagon.

Department of Defence believes that blockchain’s cryptographic data structure makes tempering almost impossible, and this feature can be used to enhance the defense technology. They believe that programs based on the blockchain can help prevent hackers and terrorists from attacking military networks, including aircraft and satellites.

America is not the first country to experiment with blockchain for military use. China and Russia are also exploring the capabilities of blockchain for military operations. Defense of all these countries is looking to use blockchain as a cybersecurity shield.

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