Cybercriminals hide crypto-mining malware in Kobe Bryant’s wallpaper

Opportunistic cybercriminals hid a malicious HTML code containing a cryptojacking script in desktop wallpaper of the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

Microsoft Security Intelligence tweeted that While the world mourns the loss of an NBA legend, cybercriminals are, as expected, are taking advantage of the tragedy and are hiding malicious HTML file posing as a Kobe Bryant wallpaper that contains a coin mining script. The future Hall of Famer passed away this week, along with her 13-year daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash.


The malware illegally mines Monero using the victim’s machine.

The cybercriminals embedded a malicious HTML code containing a cryptojacking script that uses the victim’s computer to mine privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero (XLM). The five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant passed away last Sunday in a helicopter crash with her 13-year-old daughter Gianna. The tragic news sent a shock wave to the entire world. Cybercriminals used this opportunity to hide a cryptojacking malware behind the LA Lakers legend wallpaper.


Tron Foundation will dedicate the next annual summit to Kobe Bryant.

The late NBA legend had attended the annual summit organized by Tron foundation in 2019 where Kobe Bryant and Justin Sun talked about the blockchain technology. Justin Sun tweeted that meeting the NBA legend was one of his life’s greatest honor and privilege. Tron Foundation announced to dedicate niTRON 2020 to Kobe Bryant.

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