CryptoViral: Your one-stop destination for all crypto happenings

Cryptoviral is a crypto news aggregator that is designed in a way to keep crypto traders and industry enthusiasts up to date with all the happenings. Cryptoviral users get all information related to blockchain and all cryptocurrencies from reliable sources at one place.

Cryptoviral stands out among its competitors, such as Cryptopanic, in many ways as the platform offers several services that make it easier for users to surf through all the news in an efficient way. Some of the services that Cryptoviral offers are:

  1. Crypto News from different sources
  2. Latest updates from Twitter and Reddit
  3. Track Cryptocurrency of your interest
  4. Real-time notifications.

Crypto news from different sources.

Cryptoviral offers its users news from different sources from the industry, which helps users from the hassle of switching different tabs all the time to keep themselves up to date with what is happening in the industry. The website also allows users to customize their settings and handpick which news outlets and sources they want to receive news from and which they don’t.


Updates from Twitter and Reddit

Most of cryptocurrency and blockchain news is first revealed on Twitter and Reddit. Cryptoviral has a special section dedicated to live updates from Twitter and Reddit about news from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as it helps users from going back and forth to Twitter and Reddit to get information on time. 

Note: No membership is required to get updates from Twitter and Reddit. 


Track cryptocurrency of your interest.

Currently, there are over 2,000 coins that are being traded in the crypto market. Users can select the coin of their interest and add to the main index that shows on the right corner of the web page. This unique feature allows users to track the coin that they are interested in without much difficulty. Users can can track coins like Moenro, Stellar, Litecoin and many others.


Get Real-time notifications

Cryptoviral users can sign up for real-time notifications for news about a coin they are particularly interested in. This feature allows users to never miss out on news that is of their interest. If you are a crypto trader, it is highly important to remain up to date with what is happening in the industry to make all the right choices.


Users can report FUD and turn on/off sources.

Cryptoviral also allows its users to report a particular piece of news as a FUD. This feature allows users to alert other users about a piece of news that is trying to spread FUDs. Cryptoviral users can also customize their settings and turn on/off sources that they wish to receive news from. Users can also vote a particular piece of news as bearish or bullish to alert other users.



If you are a crypto enthusiast or a crypto trader, Cryptoviral allows you to track all the happenings in the crypto world in one place. Cryptoviral customizes and brings all that you need for trading signals in one place to help you make all the right decisions at the right time. This crypto news aggregator is the ultimate news platform for crypto news. 

Jai Pratap
Jai Pratap
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