How is Changing the Way People Read Crypto News

CryptoViral, the ultimate crypto news aggregator platform, is assisting its readers by providing the latest crypto happenings from around the world in real-time. Read how it has transformed the way people extract crypto news here.

Being a serious crypto trader is a hectic job in itself that involves being informed about the latest crypto trends from around the world every second. Missing out on one crypto update can result in a downsizing crypto curve, with a chance to bear losses.  

CryptoViral, the ultimate crypto news aggregator platform, has assisted in making life easier for crypto traders and crypto enthusiasts. Its top-notch features have enabled its users to gain crypto news from multiple resources at one platform, in turn helping them make sound decisions at the right time. 


How CryptoViral, a Crypto News Aggregator, is Transforming the Way People Read Crypto News

CryptoViral, the crypto news aggregator platform, is transforming the way people read crypto news around the world, and there’s no turning back. CryptoViral not only assists you by providing you with the latest crypto updates but it also helps you raise your crypto game via its features like:


1. Get Notified in Real-Time

The crypto news aggregator platform allows you to get real-time updates and alerts on notifications regarding the selected cryptocurrency. CryptoViral allows you to stay notified about the crypto happenings from around the world, even when you’re not on the platform. 


2. Updates from Twitter and Reddit

Unlike common crypto new aggregator platforms that only present published content, CryptoViral presents timely updates from social media like Twitter & Reddit on their platform itself. 

This additional feature that comes for free for all users allows users to stay updated with the latest crypto news as soon as it is tweeted or posted on social media.


3. Trusted Sources Only

All the content posted on CryptoViral comes from 100% authentic and trustable and authentic crypto news websites. Moreover, CryptoViral doesn’t promote or displays any sponsored content, thereby assuring trusted news pieces.


4. Add, Eliminate & Track the Coin of Your Choice 

The crypto news aggregator platform allows its users to add, subtract, and keep track of the Altcoin of their choice. SO, if, for example, you have invested in a cryptocurrency that is not listed at CryptoViral, you can add it in the coin tracker by clicking ‘Add Coin’.

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All the features are given above in addition to many other features like switching between dark/light mode, voting Bullish, Bearish & FUD, option to select news sources, and more makes CryptoViral stand out in the crypto news aggregator race

CryptoViral has not only helped make crypto news more accessible for its users but also curated all the features that make it the ultimate crypto news aggregator platform a crypto enthusiast and trader can solely rely on.  

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