CryptoViral – A complete Crypto News Aggregator launches, and it is 100% Free!

If you are a serious crypto trader or a crypto enthusiast CryptoViral provides you with tons of features that can make your life easy. CryptoViral is the ultimate news aggregator platform.

Gathering news from different sources to keep ahead and make the right decisions on time for traders can be very challenging, especially for cryptocurrency traders. The cryptocurrency market is still an emerging space and to gather news from different sources can be a challenging task if you are a trader. That’s why a news aggregator website like CryptoViral can make things so much easy for you. CryptoViral is the ultimate news aggregator platform designed to keep you informed so you can make all the right decisions in time.


Everything you need for trading signals

CryptoViral provides you with the latest news from the cryptocurrency world from different sources. The platform is much more than just a news aggregator. Users have the option to block a particular source that they think is unreliable or report particular news that aims to cause FUD


Latest updates from Twitter and Reddit

Most of the cryptocurrency-related news is revealed by an industry person on a platform like Twitter or Reddit to their followers. CryptoViral has a section dedicated to updates from Twitter and Reddit, so users get the latest news at the exact time it comes out. The platform also has an option to watch videos related to the cryptocurrency market. Direct updates from Twitter and Reddit avoid you the hassle of constantly switching tabs. 


Turn off/on sources you like

CryptoViral gives power to its users to turn on or off any news source that they want according to their needs. With this crypto news aggregator platform, it is nearly impossible for you to miss out on any news that could help you make a sound decision. 


Easily track any cryptocurrency

If you want to track a particular cryptocurrency, CryptoViral gives you an option to add a coin, and it will display on your screen corner with the other major coins. This option allows you to avoid the hassle of switching multiple tabs in order to track a particular cryptocurrency. 


Only trusted sources

CryptoViral only updates news that are from trusted sources. The platform does not include any sponsored posts. It also blocks fake news from untrusted sources or news pieces that aim to spread FUDs. CryptoViral users only view the relevant news that affects the market in real-time. 


Vote Bullish or Bearish to help others

This voting feature allows you to vote a particular piece of news as bearish or bullish to help others. This feature also helps you to know whether this news is bearish or bullish by just glancing over it. CryptoViral also allows you to flag specific news as FUD, and if a piece of news has been flagged more than five times, it would be taken down from the platform.


Get real-time notifications

The news aggregator platform allows you to organize what news you want to see. You can select a particular cryptocurrency and turn on notifications to receive all the news related to that coin in your email. This CryptoViral feature allows you to personalize settings in order to get notified in real-time

CryptoViral gives you the option to customize your display and select between light and dark mode. 


CryptoViral – The ultimate crypto news aggregator platform

If you are a serious crypto trader or a crypto enthusiast CryptoViral provides you with tons of features that can make your life easy. CryptoViral is the ultimate news aggregator platform with features that aim to bring all crypto news sources in one place so that you always make an informed decision. 

Visit CryptoViral’s website here.

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